July 24, 2021

Premiere: Burning Bogotá

“We rock for people who forgot they like rock”

They don’t sound like a newcomer band, but they just released their debut album, The night, under the aegis of Sony. Today we present in society the Cartagena band Arde Bogotá.

Text: EFE EME.

They began to make noise in 2020, so much so that they have been one of the star signings of the Sony record company, even more so in the case of a debuting formation. They are called Arde Bogotá and they come from Cartagena (Murcia), where they have shaped their record debut, just released with the title of The night. The project is made up of Antonio García (vocalist, guitarist and composer), Daniel Sánchez (guitarist), José Ángel Mercader (drums) and Pepe Martínez (bass), who have worked hand in hand with producer Lalo GV in this debut recorded in the studios Neo Music Box, released on March 7 on vinyl and I released. Among their references they cite Artic Monkeys, Foo Fighters or Héroes del Silencio, although they only seek to sound like themselves.

Where do you come from?
We come from the open fields, from discotheques, from libraries and from precarious offices. Some of us have been playing since we were fifteen in bands of all kinds from the local Cartagena scene, and we did it for the fun of getting on stage, and for free beers, hopefully.

How was the project born?
Dani, Pepe and Jota decided to get together to make music, but they lacked a voice. A night of partying in Murcia brought Dani and Antonio together in a conversation about the state of rock in the country. One said that he sang and the other that he had musicians for his songs. A couple of audios sent at dawn convinced us to rehearse once, “Antiaéreo” came up and we gave it chance.

Describe your sound.
We rock for people who forgot they like rock. We intend to do it in a fresh way, without leaving out forcefulness, dance and elegance. We compose songs made to burst live.

Main influences.
We come from very different influences. In Arde Bogotá, tail-blows from the native indie like Viva Sweden or Second come together; from the Anglo-Saxon world like Arctic Monkeys or Foals; rock like Foo Fighters or Héroes del Silencio; or even hip-hop and other artists like Kanye West, Dua Lipa and our goddess, Miley Cyrus.

How would you define The night, your first album?
We have made the record that we wanted to make. There is anger, there is dancing, there is guitar arms, there is love and the future, and we tell a story that takes place in the space-time of the night, which begins with our feet on the ground, and ends in space.

Your album sounds, or would you like it to sound, like those of …
Our album sounds like Arde Bogotá, although you can find sounds from albums like Héroes del Silencio, Foo Fighters, Dua Lipa, Kanye West, Arctic Monkeys, Carlos Cano, and Miley Cyrus.

Five header discs.
The legend of time, from Camarón; Graduation, de Kanye West; Suck it and see, de Arctic Monkeys; What went down, the Foals, y Future nostalgia, by Dua Lipa.

Five perfect songs.
“Flashing lights”, de Kanye West; “Girl from the north country”, de Bob Dylan; “Nivel inexperto”, de Second; “Love again”, de Dua Lipa, y “A day in the life”, de The Beatles.

Do you prefer study or direct?
Always direct. When we compose on the premises we do so thinking that we are in the best gig of our life. We love to see people giving their all as a reflection of how we release all the anger on stage.

Who would you like to support?
The list would be endless, because on the one hand we would like to open for those artists who have influenced us and, for example, open a giant gig by the Foo Fighters or the Arctic Monkeys. But we also really like to experiment as musicians, and we would still like to open up to people like The Weeknd or Kanye.

In which tribute album would you like to participate?
In the tribute album to El Canto del Loco.

Which song on the album is the one that best represents you and why?
We all have our favorites and coincidentally neither is a single. All the songs on the album represent us because we have gone through all the phases of one night, and therefore all the songs on the album. There are songs that represent our strength and desire to give everything, like “Down”, “Cariño” or “A lo Oscuro”; songs that speak of our constant vital state such as “Tijeras” or “Millennial”; and songs in which we recreate our thoughts and the future, like “El dorado” or “Exoplaneta”.

How are you on stage?
Arde Bogotá’s attitude is what defines us. We take concerts as a very serious thing in which we always give everything. So much so that for the tour of this album we have invited our producer, Lalo GV, as a backing musician, since what we wanted to transmit required to take out the artillery and raise the level. You will only understand if you come.

What plans do you have this year?
Release a record that we are proud of, and tell the story of The night in a way that you will never forget, and where they leave us.

You have fifty words to sell your first album. Go ahead!
The night is a rock album that tells a story through ten songs. Since the sun goes down until it rises again, the songs propose a journey through the party, sex, vindication, fears, and hope. All this mixing guitar solos and rhythms typical of dance or hip-hop.

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