August 1, 2021

She rehearses a lot and every day

And after criticizing the jury on social networks accusing him of being “denigrating and mistreating her as a person”, Charlotte argued with Pampita and accused her of treating “people badly.” But Carolina did not remain silent and told her that she was “disrespectful” and that she danced “horrible”.

After the heated exchange in the impersonation round, the jury of “ShowMatch” it was downloaded at the other gala with the worst score for the media.

“I have to make friends with Jimena, Piquín, one of the jury. I’m going to put together a dinner and that’s it, they’re going to love me, ”Charlotte said ironically. While expecting a low score, Caniggia and her partner were a bit surprised when Marcelo revealed the mystery and announced that Pampita had put a zero.

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About this situation, Nacho Gonatta talked with and was dissatisfied with the score of Pampita. “It seems to me that it is not respecting the whole team, the coach, me who am Charlotte’s partner. We know that the score is largely directed to the famous people who dance, it seems to me that a zero is not having consideration for the rest. M seems like we deserved at least a 2 or 3. “

“It’s not that I want to create conflicts and not criticize the jury for no reason at all. I respect them and that is what is involved this time. But I think there are many things that are not known, Charlotte rehearses a lot and every day. Two or three hours, or sometimes a little longer. And it is impossible that such a bad grade or returns are not frustrating when she is putting a lot of commitment and this punctures her. She does not notice, the ways Charlotte is always and is a very good companion. She adapts to Everything that the coach proposes to her, she is not complaining and she is a genius. I try out the tricks or rhythms that I have to do more to take her ready and thus take care of her, we rehearse together or sometimes separated by the protocols. Also when in Some group more dancers participate, I rehearse with them and then she joins when we have the choreo already armed and for bubble themes. And that happens in all the groups not only us, “Nacho explained since the jury also criticized Charlotte for don’t rehearse any longer.

“I think we have the possibility of going as far as possible and why not see each other in the final but I think that will depend more than on improving in the dance, on which Char and the jury manage to leave behind things that have not been so serious, and reach a tune where beyond the notes we all have a good time, especially Char, and something fun is generated. We rearm ourselves and put the best back every week, it’s just a matter of that energy also comes back. our part is very eager to continue giving everything, “remarked the dancer.

On the other hand, when asked about who was the judge of the jury, he said: “Jimena, I like her and she is the one I usually agree with. Pampita also had better than I had or have nothing bad to say about her beyond his dispute with Charlotte where I try to be empathetic. If I think that should not influence the time to score, but hey, it’s all part of the show. “

And the baddest? “The baddest are the men, Piquín and Ángel de Brito. Ángel was always brave but Piquín now that I was watching the new rhythm got worse.” Anyway, Nacho assured about Piquín: “He tried to put cold cloths on and understand Charlotte more and that overwhelmed me. If I had to choose one to spend a romantic night, I would choose Piquín, he is here to give her.”

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