August 1, 2021

The Doors: This is the story of “Light My Fire”, your first big SUCCESS that was not composed by JIM MORRISON

The Doors They were one of the most decisive bands in popular music at the end of the sixties. His theatrical rock proposal captivated the followers. Furthermore, they brilliantly combined the chaos of individual personality with radiant psychedelia.

The quartet was formed in 1966 and throughout that year they spent it polishing her songs on the Sunset Boulevard pub circuit in Los Angeles, California, until Jack Holzman He signed them to his record company: Elektra Records. One of his most requested topics each night was “Light My Fire“.

This song was included in his self-titled debut album, released on January 4, 1967. In this production are songs like “Break On Through (To The Other Side)“which was his first single, as well as”The End“, a long poem inspired by the legend of Oedipus Rey.

They light the fire

The album had a modest acceptance at the time of its publication, but everything changed when “Light My Fire“It was released as a single, with”The Crystal Ship“on side B, during May of that same year. Although the original version, included in the album, lasts seven minutes, the version for the radio was shortened to two minutes and 52 seconds. The theme was a bomb and made it to the top of the charts in June, kicking off a brilliant career.

One of the various covers of the single.
Photo: Special.

Even though the credits for all the songs on the first album are credited to The Doors, It was Robby Krieger, the guitarist, who wrote it. During the presentations in 1966, Jim Morrison He asked each of the members of the band to compose at least one song to which the guitarist came with this piece.

In accordance with Krieger, was inspired by the theme “Hey Joe“, from The Leaves, to create the melody. Morrison added the bridge part, while John Densmore, drummer, proposed a bossa nova rhythm to accompany the theme. But the most remembered is the organ played by Ray Manzarek. In his own words, when looking for an introduction, he was inspired by “My Favorites Things” from John Coltrane to produce that sound.

The most remembered topic

Light My Fire“It became the band’s flagship song and was performed in all the live performances, being the one they performed at the The Ed Sullivan Show the most memorable. On that occasion, the production and the Sullivan the they asked to the band change the lineGirl, we couldn’t get much higer“since, according to them, it referred to drugs.

Backstage, The Doors had no complications in accepting the deal, but at the time of the presentation on the national chain, Morrison sang the song without altering any words, which earned them the veto of the prestigious program. “Light My Fire“remained three consecutive weeks in the first place of the lists of the Billboard.