July 25, 2021

The great mature love story of Tina Turner: everything we know about her life in Switzerland and her mysterious husband, Erwin Bach

It is more than likely that ‘Tina’, the documentary that has just been released by HBO, is the farewell to public life of Tina Turner, the electric singer who was recorded in the memory of several generations as the thunder dome villain in ‘Mad Max’ and in the history of pop thanks to hits incontestables like ‘Private Dancer’ or ‘What’s Love Got to Do with It’. Less and less present her unfortunate life with Ike Turner, her discoverer, husband and father of her four children, who mistreated her (horrible beatings) and exploited her, Tina was always afraid that these tragic years would define the rest of her life. Luckily, in 1978 she divorced and was able to remake herself: she sold millions of records and won a dozen Grammy Awards. And for greater fortune, could live a great love story, a true love story, at 46 years old. As the song would say, the crush was instantaneous.

Tina Turner says goodbye to the public with a documentary released by HBO.

In 1985, in a previous documentary, ‘I, Tina’, the singer put the cards of the heart on the table. “I have never received love,” he confessed Tina Turner, spreading a red thread from the abandonment of her mother when she was a child until that moment. “I have never had a romantic relationship that was genuine. Not even one. My heart has been broken a million times. Why can’t anyone see beauty in the woman I am? “He was 45 years old. The following year, a trip to Germany changed everything. At the foot of the plane at the Düsseldorf airport he was waiting for him Erwin Bach, a record industry executive 16 years her junior. It does not appear in the documentary that can be seen now on HBO, but Bach’s love is bomb-proof: in 2016 Tina overcame intestinal cancer and in 2017, Bach donated a kidney to her.

“The first time I saw him, my heart shot up,” he recalls. Tina Turner of the crush. “He was so handsome… It was a meeting of souls. My hands were shaking. He was so different from all the men I had ever met, so laid back, so cozy, zero pretentious… All that I could see from minute zero. “Bach felt practically the same thing:” It was like an electric shock. An electric shock that continues. “In her book ‘Happiness Becomes You: A Guide to Changing Your Life for Good’ (2020), Tina referred to her relationship with Bach underlining that this I found no reason to be suspicious of his fame and talent, which was not the case with Ike. “We give ourselves the freedom and space to be ourselves as individuals. Erwin has never been intimidated by my career or my popularity. He taught me that true love does not seek to turn off the light of one so that the other shines. On the contrary: he wants us to shine together. ”

And yet we know very little about Erwin Bach, although he has been at the side of Tina Turner. As Turner herself has described, “Erwin is also a force of nature.” Alemán, an executive at the EMI record company in Germany, the UK and Switzerland, became a division director. He has worked with the biggest: Queen, Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, Lenny Kravitz, Radiohead… Not just as an industry executive, but also as a producer. In fact, he is estimated to have a personal fortune of around $ 50 million. He is the executive producer of ‘Tina’, the documentary now released by HBO. The couple have lived in different cities: London, Los Angeles, Cologne and, above all, Zurich, where they moved in 1994. Their house is a castle and is called Chateau Algonquin.

During an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2013, Erwin Bach admitted that he had not wanted to read the memoirs of Tina Turner. In them he has in great detail the mistreatment he suffered by Ike Turner and the suicide attempt with barbiturates that almost ended her life (luckily it did not, but she came into contact with Buddhism that made her strong to flee from her ex-husband). “I couldn’t read it,” he admitted. “It is very hard to hear or read about the past of the person you love, especially if it is so painful. I dream of the moment when Tina can erase all those experiences. I think the time has come to close that chapter and that book. Everything has already been said. “

In 2012, after having lived in Switzerland for 20 years, Tina Turner He applied for Swiss citizenship, which was granted to him in January 2013, after he had to renounce American citizenship. In 2013, the couple finally stopped by the vicarage and held a wedding that was attended by Oprah Winfrey, great friend of the bride, Gayle King, David Bowie, Giorgio Armani, Bryan Adams, Roger Davies, Sade y Eros Ramazzotti. The bride’s dress, a decadent black design with Swarovski crystals, was a gift from Armani. Unique even to marry.