July 28, 2021

a money-hungry ex, a squatted 40 million mansion in Miami, and a stripper lover

After weeks hooked on the fascinating Mainat case, what we could not imagine is that Phil Collins himself would experience in his flesh a soap opera equal to or even more bizarre than the one starring the famous television producer. It is true that his love resume has always been the most hectic. But nothing suggested that the relationship with his last wife, Orianne Cevey, would end up being a media circus of crossed demands and a free buffet of scandalous headlines for the Anglo-Saxon tabloid press. As in any good story, and more so in this case, let’s go to the beginning.

After his failed marriage to Canadian Andrea Bertorelli in 1980, the result of which his first son, Simon, was born, the musician took refuge in the arms of Jill Tavelman. They married in 1984 and, five years later, they had actress and model Lily Collins. However, while on tour in Switzerland, in 1994 Orianne, a translator with Thai roots 24 years his junior, crossed his path. Theirs was a crush. At that time the author of In the Air Tonight He was still officially married (Jill’s divorce would not materialize until 1996), but that did not mean any impediment to settle in Switzerland and start a new stage with the young woman. In fact, in 1999 they agreed “yes, I do” in a three-day huddle at the Beau-Rivage Palace Hotel in Lausanne that cost a whopping $ 600,000. In a short time, likewise, their two children would arrive together, Nicholas and Matthew, who are currently 19 and 15 years old, respectively.

Against all odds, in 2008 they decided to break up. The divorce, one of the most expensive of the time, cost the artist nothing more and nothing less than 45.76 million dollars. Orianne, despite not having the need to work anymore, decided to become a jewelry designer. He moved to the United States and went down the aisle again with the banker Charles Fouad Mejjati. She also became a mother again. For his part, Phil, devastated, remained in Switzerland and drowned out his sorrows with all the bottles he had on hand. “I had never been a serious drinker, but suddenly I had a lot of free time,” he came to tell about the break in the pages of The Guardian.

The couple with the musician’s daughter, Lily Collins. Photo: Getty

All of this brings us to February 2016. Unexpectedly, Orianne and Phil announced their reconciliation, as well as that they were living under the same roof in a Miami mansion. The property, valued at $ 40 million, was purchased by him through a limited liability company. “Yes, we are together again! Obviously, when you have children, there are two ways to do it. You can go the unpleasant way or the pleasant way, and we always went the pleasant way… We realized that we missed each other », Collins announced in People magazine. Apparently, after his ex-wife underwent spinal surgery in 2014 that left her with her left leg partially paralyzed, the Briton crossed the pond to take care of her and her children. Charles was no longer in her life, so Phil took the opportunity to win her back. There was even talk of a possible second wedding. Ultimately, this did not happen. There would end up being one, yes, but he wouldn’t exactly be invited to it.

The soap opera, properly speaking, exploded this past August 2. Orianne sent Phil a message stating that she was traveling to Las Vegas on business. But the reality was very different: he took a flight to the city of casinos to secretly marry at Graceland Chapel a 31-year-old guitarist and businessman named Thomas Bates. Phil Collins, who had already been in London for several weeks preparing for the upcoming Genesis reunion tour in 2021, had no idea about anything. In the hypothetical case that he distrusted the veracity of the facts, the Daily Mail dispelled his doubts by publishing the wedding certificate. Humiliated, from the United Kingdom, Phil Collins had no choice but to fight back through the courts.

Knowing that Orianne and her new husband continued to live in the Miami mansion, neither of them being its rightful owners, Phil set a goal: to evict them both from the house to put it up for sale. He set the deadline for them to leave on October 9, but to his surprise they resisted doing so. What’s more, not only could it be considered that since then they have been squatting the property, but they did not hesitate to entrench themselves inside it by changing the alarm codes, blocking access to surveillance cameras and hiring an armed security team.

Orianne, claiming that several million have been spent in recent years on various renovations and part of the furniture, says that she will not move from there until her ex puts 20 million dollars in her bank account, half of its value. buys. According to her, the singer verbally promised that he would give her that amount as long as he separated from Charles Fouad Mejjati and they were together again. Also, predictably, he has taken the opportunity to bring out all kinds of dirty laundry through his lawyers. “I discovered approximately twenty hidden cameras throughout the house, including in my personal bathroom and locker room. These cameras were installed without my knowledge or consent. That is why I covered them with plasters, to preserve my privacy and that of my children ”, appears in one of their affidavits. In those same documents, in addition, he confesses that since 2019 they have not had sexual relations because the winner of seven Grammy awards stopped brushing his teeth and showering regularly. “The stench of Phil became so pervasive that he became a hermit, refusing to interact personally with anyone,” he added about it.

Matthew Collins, Orianne Cevey, Phil Collins and Nicholas Collins in 2018 in one of their last public images.

Similarly, in recent weeks, Phil’s team of attorneys found out that Orianne, unbeknownst to anyone, bought a $ 1.2 million penthouse in Las Vegas last year. That is precisely where he was regularly seen with a stripper and escort named Preston Thompson. As this new character in the plot explained to The Sun newspaper, during the 14 months they were together, she entertained him with all kinds of luxurious gifts. From a Mercedes-Benz car to Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana and Dior clothing. The clerks called him “Mr. Collins”, to make matters worse. According to his testimony, they went together to one of the parties that Elton John organizes after the Oscars. And even in October 2019 he met the singer in person on the last date of his Not Dead Yet Tour. “He introduced me to Phil only as his friend. We shook hands and it was awkward. I had the feeling that maybe he knew, ”he narrated. They broke up in May because she found out Orianne was texting with another man. And no, it wasn’t about Thomas Bates, who a few months later would become her surprise new husband.

At this point, no one knows how this brawl will end. For now, Phil and Orianne have reached an agreement that states that she must leave the Miami home in mid-January. Whether this will eventually happen remains to be seen. But if we are sure of one thing, it is that, until that day arrives, the soap opera will bring us many other chapters. Whatever happens, we have a nice bowl of popcorn ready.