July 28, 2021

Álex García-Cantarero: “In the exhibition there is a little piece for everyone to be surprised and enjoy”

  • A historical collection of original Michael Jackson or Spice Girls concert tickets or setlists
  • Also a selection of photographs by artists such as Zahara, Fangoria, Despistaos or Los Pinteños The Details

The Pinto department of culture has organized in the Chain House an exhibition called ‘A walk through Music‘, within the program of activities for the week of music. In the exhibition hall you can see various collections of entradas, setlists, posters, accreditations… of concerts of artists like Michael Jackson or the Spice Girls, Bryan Adams or Alice Cooper. All courtesy of Ramón del Precinto.

You can also see a collection of records, vinilos y box-sets de Led Zeppelin, Courtesy of Jose Maria Goalkeeper. In addition, two selections of Photographs from Alex Garcia-Cantarero Y Kike de Serrano.

Concert tickets

La Voz de Pinto has spoken with him Pinto photographer Alex Garcia-Cantarero –here your instagram account- so you can tell us how this exhibition has been forged and how you have lived it.

How was the exhibition created?

The city council contacted us a few months ago, when the theme of the festival and the music week began to move. The culture area wanted to do a tribute to culture and music beyond live music, with collecting, experiences, images, etc. The rest of the musical senses, as I like to call it. And he contacted me, with Kike de Serrano, another photographer; with Josema Portero, who is a collector and, in this case, has donated part of his Led Zeppelin collection, and with Ramón del Precinto.

Exhibition by Álex García-Cantarero

In the end, what culture also wanted was for it to be material from the neighbors of Pinto, to give us visibility and add value to this festival and cycle that is ‘I Love Music Pinto’.

And how has the process been?

It has been expensive because you cannot imagine the material we had (in my case, I had to choose almost 100 photos, so 10% of the possible material is being viewed, and in the case of Ramón, Josema and Kike, the same) and we had to give him an approach to see how we could combine that and that it was not an exhibition of his father and mother.

Photograph of Zahara during a concert, by Álex García-Cantarero

In the end, we decided to make something that would cover all musical fields and all stages of music, from the movida with Fangoria or Mondragón, the pop of Beyoncé or the Spice Girls, the representation of Pinto with The Details, rock with Led Zeppelin… In the end it is an exhibition that can surprise both young and old, indies, poppers or rockers. There is a bit for everyone to remember, be surprised and, most importantly, enjoy.

How have you personally experienced them? On your social networks, you told the nervousness that you have experienced prior to the inauguration …

Well let’s see, is that I am a bag of nerves in these things that in the end I do not control, because it is the first that I do and between the illusion, emotion and insecurities that are always had, well it was like a flan. But it was arriving on Monday, seeing everything on the ground, because we had to ride, and see the quantity of material and the quality that had

Rosalía during a concert, by Álex García-Cantarero

Do you have a project in mind soon?

I would like to say that continue with concert photography, but if I’m honest, with the COVID it is being difficult to be credited to concerts, and it gives more stick to approach the bands, others of those affected by the whole issue to ask them for accreditations; then it is being tedious to get new material. Little by little things are getting better, but he’s still screwed. I will take advantage of this more ‘calm’ phase to try also set up exhibitions in Madrid of some portraits that I do during interviews and see what can come of it.

I have a couple of projects in mind here at Pinto. I would like give life to the documentation I made of Filomena and COVID in the city, to see how and when we can fit it in and be able to share them; because in the end they were historical moments that were documented and it is part of the more recent history of Pinto.


Exhibition: “A walk through Music”. From June 15 to 21. Exhibition hall of the Casa de la Cadena.

-Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 21:00

– Saturdays and Sundays from 09:00 to 14:00