July 28, 2021

GREEN DAY: It’s 27 years since “Dookie” and these are its curiosities

Dookie – Green Day

GREEN DAY public “Dookie” on February 1, 1994. Considered by many to be one of the best punk / pop rock records out there, is undoubtedly a pioneering work of its kind that has marked an era.

For most fans of the American group this is his best album, a complete work where different musical styles intermingle in a simple as well as masterful way, to offer the public 14 fun songs with catchy rhythmic bases.

To celebrate the 27th anniversary of the release of “Dookie“let’s discover 15 curiosities of this great work of GREEN DAY, the third of his career.

1. The title of “Dookie“refers to diarrhea (“liquid dookie“, liquid poop in Spanish) suffered by the members of the group after eating food in poor condition during the tour of Kerplunk. The album was going to be titled “Liquid Dookie“, but they changed their minds to be”too rough“The word was finally removed.”Liquid“and it was left alone”Dookie“.

2.Dookie“It has been the album with the highest sales to date. More than 20 million copies have been sold worldwide.

3. It is the first work that the group publishes with Reprise Records. This change of record label was highly criticized by their fans, who called them “sold“, because it meant leaving the independent Lookout Records! to sign with the multinational Reprise Records.

On this important change in the group, Billie Joe said in 1999 during an interview to the program of the MTV Behind the Music what “he could come to regret signing with a multinational”. Years later, in 2010 he said the following: “I have no regrets about signing with Reprise. […] It was the right thing to do and we had no problems “.

4. Rob Cavallo is chosen by GREEN DAY for the first time to work as a producer on this album. The group was in awe of their work in the Californian band The Muffs and they decided to count on him to “Dookie“.

Some time after hiring him, the group assured the following: “Cavallo was the only person we could really talk to and connect with”. Rob Cavallo is still the producer of GREEN DAY to date and has been on all their albums except “21st Century Breakdown“.

Green Day in 1994

5. All songs on the album have been composed by Billie Joe, except “Emenius Sleepus” Y “All By Myself” composed of Mike Dirnt Y Very cool respectively. The songs deal with “shallow” themes such as high school problems (“FOD”), teenage love affairs (“She”), panic and anxiety attacks (“Basket Case”) and drugs such as cannabis (“Welcome to paradise” ).

6. The album cover was designed by Richie Bucher and contains infinity of details revealed by the own Billie Joe years ago.

If we look closely we will see the following: Bucher with a beard and his camera in the air taking a photo of the woman who appears on the cover of the first album of Ozzy Osbourne, a Angus Young, a graffiti that says “Twisted Dog Sisters“and a person who says”The fritter, fat boy“in reference to a local policeman.

7. Mike Dirnt confessed to creating most of the bass line for the song “Longview“under the influence of LSD and that the next day he could not remember it.

8. In the first editions of “Dookie“appears on the back cover And, the popular protagonist of the children’s series Sesame Street. Shortly after, the producer of the series sued the group and they had to remove that back cover.

Retired Dookie back cover

9. The video clip of the theme “Longview“It is the first official video that the band made and the first single from the album.”Longview“reached number 1 on the US charts.

10. The song “Basket Case“which is about anxiety attacks you suffered Billie Joe before you were diagnosed with panic disorders, it is probably the best known of GREEN DAY till the date. It was number 1 on many charts and his video clip was shot in an abandoned mental hospital.

11. The song “All by Myself” from Very cool It was recorded during a party where everyone was drunk.

12.Dookie“It was a diamond disc in 1999 and entered the following world charts:

# 2 on the Billboard 200 list. (EE.UU)
# 13 in the UK Top 40 (UK)
# 3 in Swedish to 60 (Sweden)
# 1 in New Zealand
# 4 in Austria
# 11 in Finland
# 6 in Switzerland

13. Before signing with Reprise Records, some record companies reached invite them to Disneyland to get hired to record this album.

14.Dookie“is the first work of GREEN DAY in which his current drummer participates Very cool. Before they were Raj Punjabi, Dave Hewood Y John Kiffmeyer (To the surplus).

15. To present “Dookie“, the group embarked on an international tour that started in the United States and that led the group to perform before millions of people. The concert that is most remembered on this tour was held during the legendary festival Woodstock ’94, which was broadcast on pay TV and ended suddenly …

Green Day in 1994