August 4, 2021

Rod Stewart and one of his sons, sued for assault on New Year’s Eve

Rod Stewart did not have a good start to the year. The Scottish rocker and his son Sean, 39, face “battery” charges after participating in a fight with a security guard on New Year’s Eve at the exclusive The Breakers hotel, in Palm Beach (Florida, United States).

Guard Jessie Dixon told police that the Stewarts and the people accompanying them wanted to enter a private party to which they had not been invited. Always according to this statement, the group began to make noise and make a scene at the entrance of the place, so Dixon put his hand on Sean’s chest and asked him to back off.

Then the singer’s son pushed the guard, and Rod punched him in the ribs. Two employees of the private party who witnessed the scene confirmed it to the police. For his part, Sean explained that he was altered by “Dixon’s treatment” towards his family and himself. And Rod said the guard had gotten rowdy.

But in addition to the two testimonies against father and son, the police agreed to images of the security cameras in which it is seen that the two began the physical aggression. Dixon brought charges against the Stewarts, who are now must sit in a hearing before the US Justice Wednesday, February 5.

The interpreter of Some Guys Have All the Luck Y Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?, who will turn 75 on Friday, apologized for his behavior in the incident. According to the newspaper Miami Herald, there is no indication that he or his son was drunk or drugged. Billionaire Rod, who was ordained a British knight at Buckingham Palace in 2016, has properties in London, Beverly Hills and Palm Beach.

Rod Stewart in 2018, in a moment of greater calm and spirituality, in an audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican.

Except for an episode in a demonstration against nuclear weapons in the 1960s, this rock legend doesn’t have a long arrest record. Instead, it is not the first time that Sean – the third of eight children he had with five different women – is in the news for a scandal.

Fruit of the first marriage of Rod Stewart -with the model and actress Alana Hamilton-, Sean recently made public statements about his fight against drug addiction., especially heroin and various medications. He was charged multiple times for participating in brawls and attacking people at parties and nightclubs in Los Angeles.

Sean Stewart, wearing a white hat, along with some of his brothers and his father's current wife, Penny Lancaster, in 2005, when Rod received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Sean Stewart, wearing a white hat, along with some of his brothers and his father’s current wife, Penny Lancaster, in 2005, when Rod received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

His last arrest dates from five years ago., when he tried to be funny at Miami International Airport and it went wrong. The joke was to get into a suitcase cart and roll it into a restricted passenger area. He had to pay a fine and the file was closed.

But in 2002 he did not get it so cheap. At that time I was 22 years old and was sentenced to 90 days in jail for attacking a 19-year-old teenager at the door of a Malibu restaurant. At that time, they also ordered him to undergo an anger management treatment, but it is clear that it did not work because five years later he was again accused of assault. And twice.

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In one of the 2007 lawsuits, a married couple accused Sean and his friends of hitting and throwing bricks at them and their car. In the other, the gang was accused of breaking a man’s nose outside a Hollywood bowling alley.

Sean is trying to do something related to the world of fashion, but he still did not manage to have any stable occupation. His last attempts at work were two participations in two reality shows, both linked to his status as heir to a celebrity.

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One of them, Sons of Hollywood (Sons of Hollywood), followed his rich kid adventures alongside Randy Spelling, son of producer Aaron Spelling. The other, Stewarts and Hamiltons, focused on her mother, Alana, and her first husband, actor George Hamilton, and their assembled family. It lasted only eight chapters.