July 24, 2021

The girl is crazy about Dinah Washington | Culture

Chinese singer Moses.

He comes to Spain to sing jazz, but she is not a singer of jazz; the daughter of the diva Dee Dee Bridgewater does not want to be confused with her mother: “I am just someone who tries to have a good time while he lasts his time on earth; and if I can make the public have a good time with me ”. China Moses performs tomorrow in Burgos (Casa del Cordón) and on Saturday in Madrid (National Auditorium) paying tribute to the blues singer Dinah Washington, through her creations and those of those who influenced her: “Dinah was the equivalent to what Beyoncé is today, only when she lived there were no hit charts. If there had been, it would have been at the top ”.

Moses’ affair with the interpreter of Mad about the boy It’s a long time ago: “My mother played me the music of Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Nancy Wilson… the kind of classy singers. Until one day he called me Dinah Washington. When I heard that heated voice I literally jumped out of my chair. It was love at first sight. Then I found out about everything she had been through and I fell in love with her even more. Dinah was completely crazy, she sang like there was no tomorrow for her… in the end, it wasn’t me who chose her: she chose me ”.

China Moses remembers “forever” singing to Dinah Washington in private. “It never occurred to me that one day I might do it in public. Until, six years ago, I was driving with my pianist, Raphael Lemonnier, when, suddenly, he played me a record of his favorite singer, who turned out to be Dinah. ‘But it’s mine too! ”. Before they knew it, the couple were on stage offering their version of the singer’s repertoire.

In case it is not clear, China Moses insists: her singing career is the product of chance. “I was a bad girl who spent the afternoon at home touching her nose. My mother didn’t know what to do with me. However, he saw something in me that I was not able to see. Unbeknownst to her, her mother appeared before a Virgin label scout with a home recording of the little nightingale. “He did it without saying anything to me, because I didn’t want to sing, much less sing jazz. I didn’t think I was talented, and then I didn’t like my voice at all ”. In spite of everything, he found quick accommodation in the circuit of the jazz.

The conversation with China Moses inevitably converges on two platitudes: her unusual name – “my stepfather gave it to me, I suppose because it sounded good to him” – and her illustrious mother. “Possibly, my mother is the last great singer of jazz of history. For me, it has been a school of life; my mother is my sister, my stepmother, my guide … she has helped me survive in show business ”.

For 11 years, China Moses has worked as a presenter of a show “very chic and very cool”Of the French MTV while maintaining a parallel career as a singer of jazz, soul and, hold on the reader, rock-metal, with his own band (Alarash). Do not take it too much into account: the singer’s personal tastes point in a much more conservative direction in which the funk, the hip-hop and Whitney Houston’s songs: “People in Europe have no idea what she represented to African Americans. Whitney broke many taboos, appeared on the covers of white pop magazines … what bothers me the most is everything what they wrote about her when she started talking about her drug problems, the same shit they spilled with Thelonious Monk or Miles Davis … that was an insult to everything she had created, but even Dolly Parton liked her! “