July 31, 2021

THIN LIZZY’s original guitarist says METALLICA owes him money: “They’re a bunch of bastards”

Eric Bell (ex Thin Lizzy)

The original guitarist of THIN LIZZY, Eric Bell, has charged against METALLICA saying they are “a bunch of bastards”, for allegedly not paying him for his live appearance 20 years ago.

As reported by The Irish Sun, Bell “He was invited to play ‘Whisky in the Jar’ with the American band at their concert Point Theatre in Dublin on July 5, 1999 “. Bell, who recorded the classic in 1973, flew from the UK to Dublin in the group’s private jet to play it live.

The guitarist of THIN LIZZY He expected to earn 2,000 pounds (2,300 euros) for this collaboration, although, according to him, there was no type of closed agreement on this. In return, Bell claims that he was paid with merchandising from METALLICA:

“It was about three thirty in the morning. The transport was all ready, and there was a car to take me home.”

“In silence I was waiting for two of the greats, which would have meant nothing to them.”

“But they gave me a big bag of T-shirts, key chains and hats from METALLICA. They paid me everything and then they all went to hell. “

“It wasn’t until I sat in my car on the way home that I realized I hadn’t been paid. I thought I’d get something in the mail, but neither …”.

“Later, someone tried to contact METALLICA to get something, but they saw it as impossible and gave up. “

“They’re a bunch of bastards. I couldn’t believe what they did, especially since they’re doing so well. They should have paid me £ 2,000 but they passed.”

Bell concludes by stating the following:

“And METALLICA ever ask me to go with them again, I’d ask five thousand in advance. And in cash to know that I have it in my pocket. “

METALLICA dedicated a version of “Whiskey In The Jar” a Phil Lynott, former vocalist of THIN LIZZY, during the concert that the band offered on June 8, 2019 at the emblematic Slane Castle from Meath, Ireland (watch the video below).

“Whiskey In The Jar” It is one of the best known traditional Irish songs and has been covered by numerous artists since the 1950s.

The American group covered for the first time “Whiskey In The Jar” in 1998, supposedly inspired by the 1973 version of THIN LIZZY and in 2000, they received a Grammy in the category of “Best Hard Rock Performance” for his performance of the song.