August 1, 2021

The 15 best-selling albums in history

Despite fewer and fewer records are being sold with the rise of digital platforms, which has led artists to bet more on concerts and big tours not so long ago that, in the golden age of music, the numbers of records sold were truly stratospheric. Here we do a review of the top 15, surely some will surprise you.

15 ‘Appetite for destruction’, de Guns N’ Roses (1987)

“‘Appetite for destruction’, de Guns N’ Roses”

Guns N ‘Roses is the musical group that with the best-selling debut album in history. With ‘Appetite for destruction’, released in 1987, they achieved 28 platinum and 10 diamond records, reaching the top of the Billboard charts. It is estimated that around the world they have sold some 30 million copies. In this work we find themes as iconic as ‘Paradise City’, ‘Sweet child o’ mine’ o ‘Welcome to the jungle’.

14 ‘Metallica (The black album)’, de Metallica (1991)

'Metallica (The black album)', de Metallica
“‘Metallica (The black album)’, de Metallica”

‘Metallica (The black album)’, the band’s fifth studio album, is crowned Mettallica’s best-selling album. Published in 1991, in its first week in the United States sold in the United States 500,000 copies that have already risen to the 31 million, which makes this Bob Rock production the best-selling metal record ever. In it we can find successes such as ‘Enter sadman’, ‘Nothing else matters’, ‘Sad but true’ o ‘The unforgiven’, .

13 ’21’, the Adele (2011)

'21', the Adele
“’21’, the Adele”

It was in 2011 when the British Adele rose to stardom with her second album ’21’, which is titled the age at which she began to write the songs that make it up. Published in 2011, today it has sold 31 million copies having Top of the charts in more than 30 countries. Topics like ‘Rolling in the deep’, ‘Rumour has it’, ‘Set fire to the rain’ o ‘Someone like you’ are part of this work.

12 ‘Hotel California’, de The Eagles (1976)

'Hotel California', de The Eagles
“‘Hotel California’, de The Eagles”

The Eagles released ‘Hotel California’ in 1976 and made the album’s namesake one of the best known worldwide. In addition, for this second job the training suffered some changes with the departure of Bernie Leadon being replaced by Joe Walsh, with a more rocker profile. For its part, Don Henley took a step forward as a singer and songwriter. This work is estimated to have sold 32 million copies.

11 ‘Jagged little pill’, de Alanis Morissette (1995)

'Jagged little pill', de Alanis Morissette
“‘Jagged little pill’, de Alanis Morissette”

The nineties they have Alanis Morissette as the soundtrack. The Canadian spread her fame worldwide thanks to her third album, ‘Jagged little pill’, published in 1995, with which she has sold 33 million copies. In this work we find ‘Had over feet’, ‘Hand in my pocket’, ‘Ironic’ o ‘You oughta know’.

10 ‘Bad’, de Michael Jackson (1987)

'Bad', de Michael Jackson
“‘Bad’, de Michael Jackson”

The King of Pop could not be absent from this list, being, in addition, the only one who repeats. With ‘Bad’, released in 1985, he sold 35 million copies around the world. ‘Smooth criminal’, ‘The way you make me feel’ or the title track of the album are some of the songs that we find in this work.

9 ‘Led Zeppelin IV’, by Led Zeppelin (1971)

‘Led Zeppelin IV’, by Led Zeppelin
“‘Led Zeppelin IV’, by Led Zeppelin”

After the mixed reaction of the public and critics with their third album, Led Zeppelin touched the sky with their fourth album, which has no title but it is known as ‘Led Zeppelin IV’. It is estimated that they sold 37 million copies being, without a doubt, the best album of the British group. In this one you will find successes such as ‘Black dog’, ‘Going to California’, ‘Starway to heaven’ o ‘The battle of evermore’.

8 ‘Come on over’, de Shania Twain (1997)

'Come on over', de Shania Twain
“‘Come on over’, de Shania Twain”

About 40 million records sold Shania Twain with the album ‘Come on over’, released in 1997. Iconic are her songs ‘Man! I feel like a woman!’, ‘That don’t impress me much’ o ‘You’re still the one’.

7 ‘Rumours’, de Fleetwood Mac (1977)

'Rumours', de Fleetwood Mac
“‘Rumours’, de Fleetwood Mac”

In 1977 they ran rumors about separation of Fleetwood Mac, reason why they titled thus, ‘Rumors’, their eleventh disc, being the most important of the British band. They sold 40 million copies and received a grammy award. It includes songs like ‘Dreams’, ‘Don’t stop’, ‘Go your own Way’ o ‘You make loving fun’.

6 ‘Saturday Night Fever’, de Bee Gees (1977)

'Saturday Night Fever', de Bee Gees
“‘Saturday Night Fever’, de Bee Gees”

The repercussion of ‘Saturday Night Fever’, movie starring John Travolta and directed by John Badham triggered the success of the Bee Gees, taking their album ‘Saturday Night Fever’, the film’s soundtrack, to the best sellers in history with 40 million copies. The phenomenon of disco music It was tremendous.

5 ‘The bodygard (BSO)’, de Whitney Houston (1992)

'The bodygard (BSO)', de Whitney Houston
“‘The bodygard (BSO)’, de Whitney Houston”

Continuing with the relationship between music and cinema, the success of the film ‘The Bodyguard’, starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner, made the album of the sound band will reach the outrageous figure of 45 million copies sold all over the world, being ‘I will always love you’ its most iconic theme.

4 ‘The dark side of the moon’, de Pink Floyd (1973)

'The dark side of the moon', de Pink Floyd
“‘The dark side of the moon’, de Pink Floyd”

‘The dark side of the moon’, released in 1973, took risks with songs that talked about the death, madness or fear, leading Pink Floyd to sell 45 million copies already wipe out more than 900 weeks on the bestseller lists. ‘Eclipse’, ‘Money’ o ‘Us and them’ are some of the most remembered themes of this work.

3 ‘Bat out of hell’, de Meat Loaf (1977)

'Bat out of hell', de Meat Loaf
“‘Bat out of hell’, de Meat Loaf”

Meat Loaf debuted in 1977 with ‘Bat out of thell’ placing it on the podium of the best sellers in history. The disk of hard rock He stood out for his mix of styles and sounds that opened the door to stardom for the singer. The work, which has sold 50 million copies, contains remembered topics such as ‘Paradise by the dashboard light’ o ‘Two out of three ain’t bad’.

2 ‘Back in black’, de AC/DC (1980)

'Back in black', de AC/DC
“‘Back in black’, de AC/DC”

Rock had its sweetest moment with AC / DC. After the album ‘Highway to Hell’, the group was definitively consecrated in 1980 with ‘Back in black’, a resounding success worldwide thanks to songs like ‘Halls bella’, ‘Rock’ n ‘roll ain’t pollution noise’, ‘You shook me all night long’ or the one that gives title to the album, which has sold 50 million copies.

1 ‘Thriller’, de Michael Jackson (1982)

'Thriller', de Michael Jackson
“‘Thriller’, de Michael Jackson”

How could it be otherwise and being the only one who repeats on the list of best-selling albums in history, we find Michael Jackson. In first position is his historical ‘Thriller’ with which the King of Pop has sold 66 million copies. His numerical successes are also supported by critics, considering this album his greatest success. ‘Billie Jean’, ‘Beat it’, ‘Wanna be starting something’ o, cómo no, ‘Thriller’, are some of the great hits of this great album.