July 28, 2021

Annie Ross, the actress who starred in a terrifying scene in Superman III, has died

The protagonist of one of the most memorable scenes of Superman III has died. Annie Ross, the actress who played Vera Webster in the 1983 film, passed away last Tuesday at the age of 89 years.

Ross, who was also recognized for her career as singer, died at his home in Manhattan, United States, on July 21 and according to the BBC would have died after suffering a emphysema and heart disease.

While Ross had a prolific career as a singer and even headlined his own documentary, No One But Me, in 2012; for fans of the Superman movies without a doubt the interpreter left her mark with one of the scariest scenes from the third film starring Christopher Reeve.

Although perhaps by today’s standards that moment could pass as something simply peculiar, in its minute many children were terrified of the sequence starring Ross where his character, Vera Webster, he was transformed into a kind of cyborg.

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  • Annie Ross, the actress who starred in a terrifying scene in Superman III, has died

As you will remember, everything happened after Superman’s confrontation with Vera, his brother Ross Webster and Lorelei Ambrosia. A fact that resulted in the computer that had tried to kill Superman acquired its own consciousness.

Thus, after an unsuccessful escape attempt by the hero’s rivals, the computer managed to catch Vera and amid her screams of pain and the astonishment of Ross and Lorelei transformed her into a cyborg.

The scene is particularly terrifying for its time not only because of the special effects, but also because of Ross’s performance that you can remember in the following video:

Annie Ross was born in Mitcham, a town located south of London, on July 25, 1930. Her original name was Annabelle Allan Short but she changed it for artistic reasons and, in addition to participating in Superman III, acted in productions such as Short Cuts, Straight On till Morning Y Basket Case 2.