July 24, 2021

Autumn of the matriarch: Tina Turner announces her goodbye with revealing biographical documentary

The life of Tina Turner it has been a constant search for freedom and personal emancipation. “A long journey in search of his own identity and his own voice”, synthesized in an interview with USA Today the filmmaker TJ Martin, co-author of the documentary Tina, which reconstructs the turbulent life story of the American singer, songwriter and actress, who at 81 and after six decades of career has decided to definitively say goodbye to public life with an emotional and revealing biographical piece that works as her “swan song ”.

Titled with her artistic pseudonym – her real name is Anna Mae Bullock – and premiered at the recent Berlin Film Festival, Tina arrives this Saturday on the HBO channel and the HBO Max platform for the US public, while its arrival in Chile and Latin America is scheduled for this 2021 through the same chain (although the company clarifies that there is still no date or final agreement for your local landing).

Turner, one of the most successful artists of the last decades, popularly known as the “Queen of Rock and Roll” – despite the fact that her discography has also covered soul, R&B and the wide spectrum of pop – announced for the first time Perhaps the end of his musical career in 2009, after a gigantic world tour with which he celebrated half a century of history, whose last studio album dates from 1999.

Tina Turner in 1976. Photo: HBO / AP.

Since then, he has interrupted that parenthesis with some appearances and specific projects, such as when he received the Grammy for his career in 2018, the same year that he published his second memoir, My love story. In 2016, he announced the making of a musical about his life, Tina, which debuted on the tables the following year.

Now, speaking in front of HBO cameras, Turner says that the Broadway show together with the documentary that debuts this Saturday are the last chapters of his career. Or at least, the final act of his public life.

Although the singer would have been reluctant to participate in the documentary initially, her current husband, the German record executive Erwin Bach – whom she married in 2013 in Switzerland, where Turner currently has the nationality – would have convinced her to tell her story. in his own words and in front of the cameras, by way of farewell.

The project gave him the opportunity to review the most successful passages of his musical life but also the most turbulent and dramatic. Some of which he had already revealed in his memoirs and others that were unpublished or little addressed until now.

In the documentary, for example, Turner talks in depth about her childhood, as the daughter of parents who worked in a cotton field in Tennessee. Also, obviously, of the complex and abusive relationship with her ex-husband, Ike Turner, who died of a cocaine overdose in 2007. Both had great success in the late 1960s until they divorced in 1978, as a result of the beatings and mistreatment that she later denounced.

In the HBO documentary, the artist – who launched herself as a soloist in the 1980s to find definitive success and the status of planetary icon – also delves into the aftermath of that first marriage and in her life with post-traumatic stress disorder, a product of that relationship.

Not everything is tragedy: with interviewees such as Angela Bassett, Oprah Winfrey, Kurt Loder, Katori Hall and Erwin Bach himself, the film also covers the most important milestones in the career of the singer. What’s Love Got to Do with It; the hits, the millionaire tours and the more than one hundred million records sold to date.

Before its television premiere, the film garnered critical acclaim and a 100% rating on sites like Rotten Tomatoes, based on the posts that have been written about the film.

“How do you slowly withdraw? Just leaving? ”Turner wonders in the documentary. Apparently, the answer is like this: with a beautiful and moving film that feels like a summary of who Tina Turner is, but also leaves viewers wanting a little more. Perhaps that is appropriate. A great artist is always supposed to leave the stage with the audience wanting another encore, “says the Vulture site in its review of the film.

According to Dan Lindsay, the other director of the documentary, “Tina is in a really positive place right now. I think that’s part of what drives her desire not to interact with the public as much. She’s happy, she’s content, she’s not someone who needs to be a star and have attention, “she told USA Today.

Yes OK Tina marks the end of her career, it might not be the star’s last appearance in front of her audience, as she is nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year. A title that curiously he has not obtained as a soloist and only as part of his duet with Ike Turner, years ago. The recognition, if realized, could mark Turner’s final emancipation before retirement.