August 3, 2021

Ed Sheeran turned to Bono for advice on parenting: “We had a three-hour talk.”

Ed Sheeran has revealed how he turned to U2’s Bono for advice on how he could take his career through parenthood.

The singer, who welcomed his daughter Lyra with his wife Cherry Seaborn last year, sought the help of the Irish icon after he began to wonder if it was possible to combine family duties with a career in stadium sales.

“When I found out Cherry was pregnant, I was like, ‘How do I navigate this in my career?” She told Zane Lowe on Apple Music.

“And I had just seen [el documental de U2] Rattle And Hum, the YouTube doc and basically … well, no, this is it. U2 played stadiums on their third album or whatever. And Bono was 28 and he finished his live tour at 29 and then he had his first child and then he became … that was his first stadium and then they went on to have like a 30-year career of continuing to play stadiums. And I said to myself, this is the only guy I can relate to. “

Explaining their conversation, Sheeran said, “So I got in touch, then we had like three hours of talk and he’s the sweetest guy. And we were having … and I’ve never bonded with him that way. And I don’t think so. that he never would have, but there was a … I don’t know what made him take the call, but we were chatting and he was telling me how he got along as a father, what school his children went to and how they did tours and things like that. “

“And I was taking it all in and he hung up the phone and we kind of finished our talk. And then I immersed myself in U2 vinyl. I bought all of their records. I had listened to their records, but never … it’s different to sit with headphones, with eyes closed”.

Sheeran’s reasons for contacting U2 are well placed, as in 2019 he surpassed the group on the highest grossing tour of all time.

The “Divide” tour grossed $ 736.7 million, surpassing the previous record of 735.4 million set by U2 in 2011. In a statement to Pollstar, Sheeran described the record break as an “incredible sensation.”

His comments come after he shared his first single of the year, “Bad Habits”, with influences from electronic music.

The new track departs from much of Sheeran’s previous work, experimenting with more electronic and dance sounds, anchored in pulsing synths and punchy basses.

Bad Habits’, written with former collaborators Fred Again .. and Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid, is the first solo song Sheeran has released since last year and is scheduled to appear on his new album.

His fourth album is scheduled to arrive this fall.