July 28, 2021

Reese Witherspoon suffered panic attacks and revealed technique that helped her overcome them: “I was scared” | TV and Show

Without a doubt, one of the most talented and beloved actresses in Hollywood is the endearing Reese Witherspoon, who at 45 has been linked to the world of celluloid for more than three decades.

And it is that, with only 14 years he made his debut in the cinema with the remembered film Summer Love (1991), in which she played the lead role of ‘Dani Trant’, a country girl who falls in love for the first time with her 17-year-old neighbor.

Since then, his film career has been on the rise with films such as Sex Games (1999), where she met her first husband, actor Ryan Phillippe, and the saga Legally Blonde.

However, his career would take a turn with his role in the film Johnny and June: Passion and Madness (2005), focused on the life of singer Johnny Cash. His masterful portrayal of the singer and the artist’s love interest, June Carter, made her worthy of the Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA for Best Actress.

Wild soul

However, beyond the awards, there was another film that would radically mark the life of the actress, taking her to the extremes of her patience and resilience.

We talk about Wild soul, biographical tape centered on the bestseller book Wild written in 2012 by Cheryl Strayed, a renowned American blogger.

In her memoirs, Strayed recounts her experience after deciding to walk alone over a thousand kilometers of the Pacific Massif Trail – a road of more than 4 thousand kilometers that stretches from Mexico to Canada – as a way to heal herself after her divorce. , the early death of his mother and the years of reckless and destructive behavior.

Impressed by Cheryl’s experience, in 2014 Whiterspoon decided to produce and star in the story, not thinking that it would change her life forever.

Health problems

In a recent conversation with Interview magazine, Reese confessed that the role that changed her the most in her entire career was that of Strayed.

And it is that the actress was so afraid of facing the size and loneliness that the role implied, that even had severe panic attacks weeks before filming.

“I was so scared to do that (…) I was so scared. I had panic attacks for three weeks before starting (filming) ”, he pointed out about the days before filming began, in which he had to film himself with a backpack of more than 30 kilos piggyback.

To this, she added that “There was the aspect of nudity, sexuality and drug use, but also being alone in front of the camera without other actors. She hadn’t been alone in scenes for days and days. There were about 25 days of shooting where I didn’t have any other actors in front of me. It was just me, a camera and a backpack“.

Despite this, he drew strength from weakness to carry out a role that, in his opinion, was very important to show the public. “Cheryl Strayed’s book was so beautiful and sacred to me because it spoke to me deeply about how we, as women, have to save ourselves. There is no mother or father to come to save us. No spouse. I thought it was radical that at the end of the film she ended up without a family, without money, without a job, without a partner, and she is happy, “he said.

The solution

After being affected by these attacks, Witherspoon confessed that she sought professional help through hypnosis treatment.

According to the Chilean psychologist and specialist in clinical hypnosis Gustavo Fierro, hypnosis is a special state of consciousness that allows us to achieve behavior changes Y release of emotions in the patient.

In relation to treatments, there is the regressive hypnosis and the progressive hypnosis. The first “allows the patient can go back to the source of your problem, in order to evoke the emotion that the suffering is generating (it is not a re-victimization) and heal from integrating in his mind, in a different way, an event that could be traumatic. In this way, the person resignifies the experience and can free themselves of the affective load that they may have had at the time they lived it. It is integrated as one more event in his life ”.

The progressive, meanwhile, “allows the patient, in the hypnotic state, can live an experience ahead of time, with the aim of generating adequate control of emotions, empowerment and self-confidence. Therefore, the moment in which you live the experience is felt as if you had already lived it before ”. This type of therapy “is widely used for the support of students who are going to take the PSU and the degree exam of different careers such as Law, Medicine and Engineering,” said the expert.

Finally, Fierro mentions that “the results of scientific research have shown that hypnosis, at a biological level, generates the following in the human brain: it allows to establish new synapses; enriches dendritic arborization; increases neuroplasticity; and produces metabolic changes of glucose and oxygen in the neurosome ”.

What are panic attacks?

According to what is reported by the prestigious Mayo Clinic, a panic attack is a sudden episode of intense fear that causes severe physical reactions, even though there is no real danger or apparent cause. When you have a panic attack, you may feel like you’re losing control, having a heart attack, or even dying.

At the moment the exact cause of panic attacks is unknown, although these factors may play a role: genetics; a high level of stress; a character that is more sensitive to stress and prone to negative emotions; or certain changes in the way parts of the brain work.

“Many people have only one or two panic attacks in their entire lives, and the problem may go away when a stressful situation is resolved. However, if you have recurring and unexpected panic attacks, and spend a lot of time in constant fear of another attack, you probably have a condition called ‘panic disorder’“Added the organization.

In addition, they indicated that although these attacks in themselves are not life-threatening, they can cause great fear and significantly affect the quality of life of who suffers them. However, they claim that treatment can be very effective.

Engin Akyurt | pexels

Symptoms of panic attacks

From the Mayo Clinic they explained that the attacks usually start suddenly, without warning. “They can appear at any time: when you are driving, in a shopping center, when you are fast asleep or in the middle of a business meeting. You can have occasional or frequent panic attacks, “they said.

“Panic attacks come in many variations, but symptoms usually peak within minutes. After the panic attack goes away, you can feel fatigued and exhaustedThey added.

In addition to this, they indicated that you should be attentive to the following symptom:

– Feeling of danger or impending doom
– Fear of losing control or death
– Tachycardia and palpitations
– Sweat
– Tremors or shaking
– Shortness of breath or tightness in the throat
– Shaking chills
– Hot flushes
– Nausea
– Abdominal cramps
– Chest pain
– Headache
– Dizziness, feeling light-headed or fainting
– Numbness or tingling sensation
– Feelings of unreality or disconnection

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When should you go to an expert?

From the clinic they indicated that if you have symptoms of a panic attack, you should seek medical help as quickly as possible. “While panic attacks are extremely uncomfortable, they are not dangerous. However, they are difficult to control on your own and can get worse if left untreatedThey added.

Finally, they noted that “The symptoms of panic attacks can be similar to those of other serious health problems, such as a heart attack, so it is important that your healthcare provider evaluate you if you are not sure what is causing it. your symptoms ”.