July 24, 2021

“The oasis of the city” returns: the cloister of the Cathedral opens to culture

The first press conference of the Coadjutor Bishop of the Diocese of Almería, Antonio Gómez Cantero, took place this morning in what he himself described as “the oasis of the city of Almería”: the cloister of the Cathedral.

And that first appearance before the media has been to announce that the Church of Almería “recovers this space” for culture: concerts and even a future jazz festival Within the framework of this cloister they will come to enrich the cultural program of the city under a roof of stars.

“We want it to be a space of culture for all, believers and non-believers“, explained Gómez Cantero himself.

And the recovery begins now. This same Friday, June 25, at 9:00 p.m. and with free admission until full capacity is reached, a choral meeting will ‘premiere’ the cathedral cloister as a scenic space.

First press conference of the coadjutor bishop of the Diocese of Almería, Antonio Gómez Cantero.The voice

“It is a real pleasure that these doors are being opened again”, affirmed the Councilor for Culture of Almería, Diego Cruz, who announced that they are already working on a stable program for the cloister of the Cathedral, with concerts by the OCAL and the OJAL, and even “a specific festival” for which the Gómez Cantero asked the City Council for a wish: “I would like a jazz week to be created every year in the cloister. I think it would be beautiful. Summer nights in this cloister. Another dream is to do theater. Little by little, I don’t. we’re going to do the whole first summer. “

Weddings and visits

Gómez Cantero also announced something surprising for many: The Cathedral makes the main altar available to the people of Almeria for the celebration of weddings, which until now had been held in the retrochoir.

In addition, Gómez Cantero launched a proposal to the world brother in this first press conference of his: use the cloister of the Cathedral as an exhibition space for brother imagery. “Under each arch an image could be placed. These cultural displays are also testimonies of faith, and for non-believers, art,” the bishop stressed.

Gómez Cantero also raised his intention that the cloister of the Cathedral “be a meeting place for all” and that, in addition, “it becomes a place of prayer for young people.”

For his part, the dean of the Cathedral stated that “We want our Cathedral to correspond to that image of a Church with open doors.”

In fact, the dean has announced that The Cathedral recovers its tourist visits this July with regular opening from Tuesday to Saturday, accessing them through the door on Calle Velázquez.

“We want the Cathedral to be at the service of the city, of all citizens, Catholics and non-Catholics. That it be a center of worship and culture. May this place be reborn. A new spring within our city and our diocesan Church “, explained the dean.

And as Diego Cruz stated, citing one of the most famous phrases of Casablanca, today’s press conference represented “the beginning of a beautiful friendship “. And this Friday, at 9 pm, a first choral concert will stage that embrace between Almería, culture and its cathedral.