July 24, 2021

The soundtrack for season two of “The Umbrella Academy” is your new favorite song list.

La Academia Umbrella is finally back with a crazy second season and things for the Hargreeves family are not going as planned. Even though they traveled back in time in hopes of stopping the apocalypse that began in 2019, troubles seem to have followed them into the 1960s. Even with the different decade and setting, the Umbrella Academy he still manages to create one of the best soundtracks on television, filled with fun classics and some new favorites that are sure to be repeated. So while you wait for the news of season three, we’ve put together a list of songs to listen to from season two.


These are all

songs from the second season

from The Umbrella




Episodio 1: “Right Back Where We Started” “

Beyond the Sea” de Bobby Darren

Playing when Klaus and Ben arrive in the 60s.

“Right Back Where We Started From” de Maxine Nightingale

Playing when Allison turns 60.

“My Way” de Frank Sinatra

Playing when Cinco reaches 60 and sees his brothers again.

“Trying” de Fran Powers

Playing when Harlan turns on the turntable.

“Forever and a Day” de Unknown

Playing when Ben and Klaus are driving down the road.

“I wonder what the future holds” by Glenn Snow

Playing when Klaus and Ben walk into the bar.

“Rocket Fuel” by DJ Shadow ft. De La Soul

Playing when Luther is fighting in the ring.

“Be Thankful That It’s You” by Fern Jones

Playing when Vanya and Sissy smoke outside.

“Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley, cover by Daniela Andrade

Playing when Diego is trying to escape from the straitjacket.

“Comin’ Home Baby” by Mel Tormé

Playing when Diego and Lila escape.

“You only love me when you’re alone” by Jim Boyd

Playing when Luther is working at the club.

Episodio 2: “The Frankel Footage” “

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo” de Perry Como

Playing when The Handler returns to the Commission.

“Who’s That Knockin'” de The Genies

Playing when Lyla and Diego are preparing a plan to kill Lee Harvey Oswald.

“I am a man” by the Spencer Davis Group

Playing when Diego is attacked by Hargreeves.

Episodio 3: “The Swedish Job” “

I Gotta Getta the World off My Back” por Bill Martin y Phil Coulter

Playing when Klaus is eating dinner.

“Sunny” de Boney M.

Playing when he started his show on the cult of Kalus.

“I don’t care what they say about you” by Unknown

Playing when Vanya is driving in the car.

“I’ll Never Do You Wrong” de Joe Tex

Playing when Luther goes to Allison’s house.

“Golden Brown” from The Stranglers

Playing when Lila leaves the apartment.

Episodio 4: “The Majestic 12”

“Love is Blue” por Marty Robbins

Playing when The Handler is training Lila.

Styx’s “Renegade”

Playing when Klaus gets drunk.

“Have You Ever Been Hurt” de Helen Wilson

Playing when Allison meets Luther at the barbecue restaurant.

“Relax” by Marva Whitney

Playing when Luther and Elliot get high.

“I Was Made For Lovin’ You” de Kiss

Playing during the fight between the Swedes and Diego.

Episode 5: “Valhalla”

“Major Tom (Coming Home)” por Peter Schilling

Playing when it shows how Pogo was trained to go into space.

“He Can’t Love You” por Four Hollidays

Play when Luther returns to the Umbrella Academy

“Hey Da Da” by Andrea Litkei and Ervin Litkei

Playing when Allison, Vanya and Klaus hang out in the living room.

“Twistin’ the Night Away” de Sam Cook

Playing when Allison, Vanya and Klaus start dancing.

“Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish, covered by The Interrupters

Playing when Cinco and Lila fight.

“Hello” by Adele, Swedish cover of My Kullsvik

Playing during the funeral of one of the Swedes.

Episodio 6: “A Light Supper”

“Won’t Be Long” por Aretha Franklin

Playing when Allison starts working in the living room.

“An Old Fashioned Christmas” by Jack Huddle

Playing in the living room when Raymond asks Allison out.

“Hold On, I’m Coming” de Sam & Dave

Playing when Allison rumored to the store owner to have Raymond try on the suits.

“I Live Alone” de Bob Cox

Playing when the Handler and Lila play bingo.

“The Order of Death” by Public Image Ltd.

Playing when the Umbrella Academy meets at the restaurant.

“In hell I’ll be in good company” by El Sur Muerto

Playing when Carl is seen spying on Sissy and Vanya.

Episode 7: “Eye for an Eye” “Polk

Salad Annie” por Tony Joe White

Playing when Cinco kills the Commission leaders.

“Give me a reason to stay” by Zoe Muth

Playing dinner at Sissy’s house.

“Sister of the Pearl” by Baio

Playing when Ben takes over Klaus’s body.

“Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” por Backstreet Boys

Playing after Klaus tells Keechie the lyrics as a final saying, while Allison fights the Swedes.

Episode 8: “The Seven Stages”

“Pepper” de Butthole Surfers

Playing when Vanya is being interrogated.

Episode 9: “743”

“Dancing With Myself” from Generation X

Playing when Five fights his other self.

“Here Comes The End” por Gerard Way ft. Judith Hill

Playing when The Handler discovers that time has changed due to the Umbrella Academy.

Episode 10: “The End of Something”

“Evil games” by Parra for Cuva ft. Anna Naklab

Playing when Allison writes her letter to Raymond.