July 24, 2021

The video of Vida, the daughter of Luisana Lopilato who does not want to be a princess

Luisana Lopilato’s daughter burst into tears because she doesn’t want to be a princess.

Life, the youngest daughter Luisana Lopilato lshe cried disconsolately as she confessed to her father, Canadian singer Michael Buble, their tastes in terms of children’s characters. The couple of the Argentine actress shared the moment through a video on their Instagram account and the fans reacted immediately.
The actress Lusiana Lopilato and singer Michael Buble manage to make headlines with each of their interactions on social media. The couple, known for their artistic careers, keep a low profile regarding their private lives and have three children: Noah, Elías and Vida, who are seven, five and two years old respectively.
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Michael Buble’s latest post on Instagram.

Vida, the youngest daughter will be three years old next July. Despite her young age, the youngest is clear that she does not like princesses. Netizens were as surprised as her father to hear the girl confess her preference for Marvel characters.

“So do you like them? the princesses ”, asked Michel Buble. “No!” The little girl screamed, “I like Marvel!” The singer’s jaw dropped and looked at the camera, unable to contain his laughter, while the daughter of Lusiana Lopilato burst into tears. The tender video had millions of reproductions and, in a few hours, it exceeded 142 thousand likes.

Comments were not long in coming. “She is the best! I love you Life! “,” Smart girl “,” Life is marvelita “,” You are right Life, superheroes are cooler than princesses “,” Adorable “, were some of the messages left to the singer between heartbeats .

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The Canadian maintains a constant interaction with his audience on social networks. On Instagram he has 2 million and 600 thousand followers from all over the world, with whom he shares moments of his daily life. His feed is dominated by family postcards and videos of his tours.

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