July 24, 2021

An oasis in an endless desert

The Olympic Games can cure our thirst amid a coronavirus pandemic that seems to have no end

We know what the year means 2020. Without a doubt we will remember him as one of the most challenging due to the COVID-19 that stopped the world in general and that was reflected in the hiatus from sport.

By the International Olympic Committee, it was seen the intention to maintain the optimism that in the end he faced with reality and led him to postpone for the first time in history some Olympic Games. Also, no games had ever been held in an odd year.

Less than a month after the inauguration in Tokyo 2020, there will be public, local, if the situation allows the current limit of 10,000 fans per venue or 50 percent. We have already seen images of locals protesting against the celebration of the Games, It seems to me that this situation could make it worse. There will be no foreign audience that will be an interesting challenge never seen.

The Olympic Games in the past, yes, due to the Second World War, for example. Historically, Japan is faced with the possibility of finding himself in a similar position in which he was in Tokyo 1964. The country wanted to show the world that much had changed since WWII and through some Games successful together with a worthy performance from their athletes, could represent the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Games from 1964 They started with the judo competition. The discipline was released in about JJOO. Japan He wanted to demonstrate his dominance and a sports victory that represented the return of the country after the negative look it had after the Second World War and the physical and mental destruction of the country.

Unfortunately, Akio Kaminaga was left with the desire to fall to the Dutch Anton Geesink who hung the gold medal. The Games They started out with some sadness, but there was still hope.

However, before concluding the Games, it was up to the women’s volleyball team to take the ashes of the country’s defeat as a whole and rebuild with a gold medal to Japan. With a unique tactic, Kumi Nakada used a strategy to surprise the world since with a stature smaller than what is used to see in volleyball, the women’s team of Japan He gave not only the gold medal to the country, but also won the first in the discipline.

The big difference is that back then there was a lot of local support to show off Japan before the world and regain confidence at the international level. On this occasion, the majority of the local population is not in favor of the Olympics in your country where you have recently spent your third wave of coronavirus.

With no foreign audience, in a bubble, it seems to paint a picture of being the Games saddest in history. However, there will still be competition, much to tell and moments that will remain forever in the memory. Tokyo 2020 is that sports oasis what can we quench thirst in the middle of a seemingly endless pandemic desert.

For their part, athletes will have to adapt to the bubble in the Olympic village. This year they will not be able to have parties, they will have to eat separated by a showcase and not to mention the constant tests and the weight of the possibility of coming out positive and missing a competitive opportunity with which they have long dreamed.

If the uncertainty has been difficult for the media, imagine for the athletes. It does not compare. The hours of dedication, the demands on your body in and out of training with the constant question of, what if I don’t get to compete?

This time Such you will not be able to show off its streets full of color, culture, gastronomy, tea ritual and even the famous cat cafes. But he can say that at least he did everything he could, even the impossible, to hold the Olympic Games that will remain in history.