July 28, 2021

Dulce María García, with an upward step in boxing

Culiacán, Sinaloa. Sweet Maria Garcia Vizcarra He began to practice boxing at the age of 11 and so far has been an upward step in the amateur field, even already boasts a champion belt.

The 15-year-old fighter from Culiacan, who is coached by a member of the Municipal Sports Hall of Fame, Jesús “Chuyín” López She recently participated in a national tournament called “Puños Rosas” in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, where she was proclaimed champion.

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“It was a very good participation for me, because there was not that far to compete and we were presented with the opportunity to take part in that tournament and thanks to our promoter Green Day Promotions, and the Municipal Sports Institute contributed a little money to us, so that we could participate, ”said García Vizcarra, who is studying in the third grade of secondary school.

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He recalled that the promoter told “Chuyín” López that this opportunity was available to go to the tournament in Sonora and they did not hesitate to accept this challenge.

“We began to train hard, to be well prepared and do our best in the ring,” said the young neighboring boxer from the Villas del Real neighborhood.

Dulce María mentioned that in the “Puños Rosas” tournament she faced Angelica Peñuelas, who was undefeated in the amateur field and had already won four championships.

“It was a good fight, I won by decision and they gave me two belts, one that belonged to the tournament and the other that belonged to the champion, and I have the absolute championship of Cuños Rosas,” he said.

“I remain undefeated with 16 fights won and we hope to continue with this good step,” said Dulce María, who has the illusion of representing Sinaloa in the CONADE National Games (formerly National Olympiad).

In Culiacán, prominent fighters have emerged in amateur boxing, such as Melissa Esquivel and Blanca Torrescano, who shone in the National Olympiad. “I’ve already seen them fight and I like them and they motivate me to keep going as well,” said the youthful fighter.


García Vizcarra said that it is an honor to have a coach like Jesús “Chuyín” López, who has been an idol of boxing in Culiacán. I am here ”, he commented.

Regarding his daily preparation routine, he pointed out that it starts at 5:45 in the morning, with a running session, with the support of my physical trainer Jorge, from Green Day Promotions and between 3 and 4:30 he trains at the Gym.

“I am focused on sports, but without neglecting her studies. “My dad always reminds me and emphasizes that school comes first, he tells me if you are doing well in school, you keep training, if not, we take you out of training. I’m doing well, I enter all classes ”, he said.

“I appreciate the support of the promoter, who has been helping us since we had the first fight,” said Dulce María García, who also dreams of being a world champion.

Jesús “Chuyín” López spoke of the abilities of the young fighter.

“Dulce María has talent, she really wants to, the promoter of Green Day, Agustín Aispuro, since he saw her, realized that she had immense faculties, she is a girl who dedicates herself not to 100 but to a thousand percent, because She is very serious, dedicated and knows what she wants, what she is pulling at and very focused on what she wants to achieve, ”said the former professional boxer.

He mentioned that in the four years that García Vizcarra has been training in his gym, he has not had any problems. “Since she arrived she has behaved very noble, very calm, very attentive to what one says to her,” said “Chuyín” López.


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