July 29, 2021

George Michael excludes his ex-boyfriends from his 110 million inheritance | People

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George Michael did not remember in his will that his ex-lovers Kenny Goss and Fadi Fawaz would be left with nothing of his fortune estimated at 110 million euros (98 million pounds). The singer, recognized not only for his musical successes, but also for his support of solidarity efforts, left his entire fortune to his family and friends. Her sisters, Melanie and Yioda, will split most of the money. The last wishes of the singer, who died in 2016 at age 53, were read last week.

During Christmas 2016, the singer was found dead at his home in Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, where he was found by his then-ex-partner Fawaz. The judicial documentation of May 30 shows that his estate can already be divided, three years after his death. Yioda, one of the singer’s sisters will decide which friends will receive part of her inheritance. “George was dedicated to his father and his sisters, they were always going to be cared for. But in the end he left everything to Yioda to distribute. He knew that she would always do the right thing.”

Fawaz dated George from 2012 until shortly before his death, although they continued to maintain contact, and he was the one who discovered his body. The hairdresser continued to live in the house of the star valued at 5.6 million euros after ignoring legal letters asking him to leave. Fawaz thus revealed himself against George Michael’s family, with whom he has maintained a tense relationship since he was invited to leave the Regent’s Park residence where he had lived since their romance began, a few days after the singer’s funeral. The artist’s sisters were in charge of kicking Fawaz out of what was his home, claiming that they wanted to put it up for sale because it brought back very bad memories.

Singer George Michael with his then partner Fadi Fawaz in 2012. CORDON PRESS

Last year, Fawaz wrote about the moments they spent together after starting their romance. “All I wanted [Michael], was dying, “wrote the expeller. According to his testimony, the singer of Freedom!`90 he would have tried to kill himself four times. One of the failed attempts was carried out in 2013 when the Briton jumped from a moving car on the highway. At the time it was declared an accident but, according to Fawaz, it was a suicide attempt. “George was so depressed at the time that he didn’t want to live,” he then recounted.

“He tried to commit suicide four times, while in rehab he tried to stab himself 25 times. I think life stopped for him a long time ago. Everyone loved him for who he was and not for who he was,” he revealed. According to his ex-partner, this behavior was recurrent in Michael, who struggled with drugs and depression in the last years of his life. “I would say to him: ‘Aren’t you glad that May 16 didn’t happen?”, Referring to a suicide attempt, and he would say “no.” “I think life stopped a long time ago for him,” Fawaz wrote.