August 6, 2021

Madonna, María León and more celebrities celebrated Pride Day

On the occasion of LGBTQ + Pride Day, which is celebrated on June 28, this weekend some events have taken place, and millions of people turned to social networks to demonstrate through various messages and hashtags What #pride, #pridemonth Y #happypride.

Several celebrities were also present at this party in a virtual way, and one of them is the singer Madonna, who reappeared to celebrate this day, and did so with a surprise concert in New York.

The singer appeared with a outfit of transparencies, a leather shorts, as well as pink gloves. In addition, he wore a light blue wig. This event had an auction, so the proceeds will go to LGBTQ + rights defenders.

In addition, the interpreter shared a video on Instagram, dedicated to the entire gay community, which begins with the words ‘No Fear’.

“This video was made for pride. With love, to remind everyone that we need to have courage, and continue to resist anyone who tries to make us feel like we are less,” he wrote next to the clip.

“We do not want special rights. We want equal rights. Power to the people! Thanks to all who made this possible,” he added in his post.

For her part, the Mexican singer Maria Leon He also published a video to celebrate Pride Day, and along with this he wrote a profound message of reflection.

“In this life we ​​came to live fully feeling proud of who we are, of what we love, without fear of a trial, violence, discrimination. To have the same rights and opportunities, to create a family, to decide on our own bodies, to be ruled by the greatest power that is love… because you are beautiful, valuable, and unbreakable… “, he commented.

“If you like strawberry ice cream, how delicious, if you like chocolate ice cream, what delight, if you like Neapolitan ice cream, be sure there is mud, and if you don’t like ice cream, don’t eat, but let him The rest of us eat happily and in peace. #pride #loveislove #pridemonth #happypride #pride“, added the interpreter next to the publication.

A similar case was that of the actress Regina Blandón, who also took advantage of her Instagram account to celebrate this day, with a photo of her in which she wears a hoodie with the word ‘love’ printed on it.

“Happy pride, amix. For continuing to shout loud and loud and proudly. For a society with equal rights for everyone, because yes, we are moving forward and we have to celebrate it, but there is still a long way to go, because there are still people, adolescents, children who prefer to end their life rather than ‘come out of the closet’ (hopefully having to ‘announce’ it will cease to be part of life in the future) “, the Mexican artist wrote.

“For the recognition of trans childhood and adolescence. For putting a stop to hate crimes for sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. Empathy, love and respect, friends. #pridemonth #pride #loveislove“he added.

Another of the celebrities who celebrated virtually is the actor Christian Chávez, and he did it with a photo of him with which he surely caused sighs among his followers.

“Freedom is our right at birth. Feel happy in your own skin. Happy pride day. #pride #pride“, wrote the also singer next to the snapshot.

This is how several celebrities joined this celebration and turned to social networks to share photos, messages and reflections dedicated to the community.

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