July 25, 2021

Quincy Jones Autobiography “by Quincy Jones

Written twenty years ago, they finally reach us translated into Spanish “Q: Autobiography of Quincy Jones”, the memories of a great among the greats. Known primarily for having produced the best-selling Michael Jackson albums and their soundtracks, this book does justice to his figure and highlights his weight and importance in the world of music of the 20th century.

But there is more, much more. And it is that entering the life of Quincy Jones is to make a deep journey through the history of American music, accompanied by a very wise friend who explains first-hand a life full of anecdotes but above all milestones. “Q: Autobiography of Quincy Jones” It is a long walk that begins with the big jazz bands that roamed the country from end to end in the 1930s, and continues through the small be-bop venues of New York in the 1940s, the effervescent Paris of the late 1950s , Sinatra’s Rat Pack shows in Las Vegas, the vibrant new Hollywood cinema of the sixties, the emergence of seventies disco, eighties pop, and so on to rap in the nineties. And in each of those decades and movements, Quincy Jones was, in one way or another, in the thick of it. In full garlic. That is why the large number of figures he has shared and worked with is one of those that takes away his hiccups. Huge characters like Count Basie, Ray Charles Dizzy Gillespie, Dinah Washington, Miles Davis, Stravinski, Malcolm X, Charlie Parker, Sidney Poitier, Frank Sinatra, Marlos Brando, Cary Grant, Hal Ashby, Henry Mancini, Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey … The list is as overwhelming as it is endless. And everyone appreciates and holds our protagonist in very high esteem. However, there are also chiaroscuro on its pages. Mainly those that have to do with the feeling of abandonment produced by the absence of a schizophrenic mother, who appears and disappears from the life of our protagonist as a terrible ghost. But also everything that has to do with the racial question that Jones seems not to want to face in all its magnitude, in some pages that ignore many things and ignore others. Thus, at times, the book reaches more the category of a glossary of his numerous triumphs, leaving aside the confessions of a man who carries an overwhelming emotional weight on his shoulders. A load that he only knows how to lighten with an obsessive work discipline, which led to more than one nervous breakdown and a chaotic love life in which he does not delve too deeply.

Finally, it should be considered correct that “Q: Autobiography of Quincy Jones” Include in the form of complementary chapters, the testimonies of people who knew him and who help to weave the story that our protagonist tells. Resource that serves the reader to complete the puzzle of the life of a real resident who made himself and explains it with pride. A clever rogue with a prodigious memory and an innate talent for music. Too bad that in the twenty years since the original edition of the book, such crucial things have happened as the accusations of pedophilia and the subsequent death of Michael Jackson. Terrible fact that gives another dimension to some of the passages in the book and we do not know how it affected a Quincy Jones who is currently eighty-eight years old. Who knows if it could still surprise us with a few complementary chapters that have remained in the pipeline.