August 1, 2021

Roger Waters replies “Ni de coña” to Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook

Roger Waters He has never been shy when giving his opinion, and many times he has provoked reactions in the networks. This time, the Mexican chain The Day has posted a video of the leader of Pink Floyd at a forum about the liberation of the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange. The rock legend has taken the opportunity to testify against Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook e Instagram.

During the meeting he took out a piece of paper, which was about “The request for the rights to the song ‘Another Break In The Wall (Part II)’ by Pink Floyd to use it in an Instagram promo video and for a large amount of money”. Roger Waters has made it clear to Mark Zuckerberg: “no fucking joke”.

The United States accuses Assange of espionage and disclosure of classified information on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is currently detained in the United Kingdom, where a judge has denied him bail and resists American extradition. Roger Waters is convinced that Facebook and Instagram contribute to Assange’s prison through censorship: “They want to use the song so that they are even bigger and more powerful than they are, so that they can continue to censor those of us in this room and prevent the Assange story from going out to the general public.”.

Mark Zuckerberg He also received personal sticks from Roger Waters, who denounced the ideas and the way he created Facebook (scoring the girls from his university by physical): “And here he is, one of the most powerful idiots in the world”, He concluded Waters.

To the leader of Pink Floyd controversy has always accompanied him. Last summer he was criticized for anti-Semitic comments, some time ago he insulted Joe Biden, signed a letter with many artists calling for a boycott of Israel in support of Palestine and is still in dispute with the former member of the band, David Gilmour.