July 24, 2021

Six years ago the bassist, voice and founder of Yes died

Six years ago he died Chris Squire, bassist, voice and founder of Yes.

He is the only member who participated in all the albums of the legendary progressive rock band between 1969 and 2014 and is considered one of the greatest exponents of his instrument.

Squire is considered one of the best and most influential bassists in rock.

Before dying of cancer, he chose his collaborator and friend Billy Sherwood as his successor in Yes.

Chris Squire He was born in Kingsbury, a North West suburb of London, England, and received his first musical instructions in a church choir when he was little. In 1964 he was expelled from school for having long hair and never returned to school.

Squire’s early influences were diverse, ranging from choral and church music to the Merseybeat sound of the early 1960s.

Squire’s first musical groups were Syn, and subsequently Mabel Greer’s Toyshop, which would serve to introduce it together with the collaboration of Peter Banks Y Jon Anderson in the early days of Yes.

Squire’s career focused primarily on Yes. Squire is, in fact, the only member to remain in the Yes lineup since its founding in 1969.

Yes’ dispute

As Squire, along with Alan White and Trevor Rabin got the name “Yes”, the members of ABWH (consisting of Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe) were not able to record under that name.

In 1975, Squire released his first solo work was Fish Out of Water, a recording in the style of Relay from Yes, featuring Bill Bruford on drums and Patrick Moraz on keyboards.

Post-release of the album Drama with Yes, Squire formed the band XYZ, along with drummer Alan White, from Yes and the guitarist Jimmy Page, from Led Zeppelin.

The group dissolved without being able to publish any record material. However, part of the band’s repertoire was used later, on Yes’ later recordings.

Chris Squire 3

Squire was responsible for bringing the guitarist Trevor Rabin in the band project Cinema, who would later become a member of Yes during the 1980s.

The first album of this new line-up of Yes It was the album 90125. Later other works would follow, such as Big Generator in 1987 or Talk in 1994.

Squire met up with the guitarist from Yes Billy Sherwood in a side project called Conspiracy.

The debut album of this band contained the base of several songs that appeared in recent albums of Yes. Squire’s latest recording is The Unknown of Conspiracy, reissued in 2003.

Chris Squire passed away on June 27, 2015, at the age of 67, in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, 4 as a result of erythroid leukemia.

The death occurred just a month after the disclosure of his illness.