July 29, 2021

The day the Bermúdez Dog was the opening act for The Doors

Mexico City /

Enrique Dog Bermudez He is known in Mexico as one of the best sports commentators, however on more than one occasion he has managed to surprise more than one due to his entertaining anecdotes.

Recently, in an interview with Javier Alarcón, the Dog delighted the audience with another of his peculiar stories by confessing that -on one occasion- He played as the opening act for the American band The Doors.

I had the honor, there yes, of being the opening act, there in Insurgentes, when Mario Olmos took them, from the Doors. I met Jim Morrison. With Jim Morrison I got to have a whiskey, mind you, together. That was what I had to live with Jim Morrison, one of the greatest honors of my life, because he was my idol “, he mentioned. The dog Bermúdez.

It was already known that Bermudez He has always been a rock fanatic, even previously he had already said that he attended the iconic Avándaro concert. The band The Doors It was presented in Mexico from June 27 to 30, 1969.

“In 68 was this attack by the State on the students (known as the Tlatelolco massacre) and a year later is when they plan to bring in The Doors. There were 4 concerts in the month of June 1969, it was not the most emotional thing, it was not that King Lizard who met. It was not the best time for The Doors or the best time for a concert of international stature to be enjoyed in Mexico.“, said the journalist Chava Rock in this regard in the program Secret places: blog of a hidden Mexico of Channel Once.


For its part, Enrique Bermudez said that on one occasion, he stayed at the same hotel that The Rolling Stones.

“That was in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo. I remember that we started to smell like a strong matThey were burning Satan’s legs above us, and it was the Rolling Stones who had rented 3 floors of that hotel, and I got to see the great Mick Jagger. “