August 2, 2021

The magic of Thin Lizzy enchants Legends of Rock

After the welcome day on Wednesday, open to the general public upon payment of a symbolic ticket, the festival Rock legends It started definitively on Thursday, the first of the three days included in the event’s subscription. Some 10,000 people took to the Villena sports center to enjoy, uninterruptedly, up to 18 performances, which took place in the three stages arranged in the enclosure.

And among them, one marked in red by the vast majority of the attendees: the only performance in Spain of the mythical Thin Lizzy, who are celebrating their 50th anniversary. The Irish band, which has included musicians of the stature of Gary Moore or its founder and leader, Phil Lynott, continues to keep alive its legacy as one of the most important hard rock bands of all time, and with its original guitarist, Scott Gorham, accompanied by a luxury band – the bassist Troy Sanders (Mastodon), the guitarist Damon Johnson (Alice Cooper) and the drummer Scott Travis (Judas Priest) -, defends perfectly live songs that are living rock history, such as “The Boys are back in town”, “Jailbreak”, “Whiskey in the jar” or “Cowboy song”, which with Ricky Warwick as a singer they acquire new and interesting nuances.

Cradle of Filth

The day opened with the power of Lords of Black and closed with the same style from the hand of Holy Land, between the two all kinds of genres and formations: the symphonic metal of Dark Moor Y Defer, the hard rock of The Lazys and the australians Red Tatto, the metal of Helstar, Bags Cure Y Avalanch, the trash of Flotsam and Jetsam, the metalcore of Unearth or the folk-metal of Lèpoka, who was bursting the Mark Reale stage after winning last year at the Camping Stage, the Irish Cruachan and the scots Alestorm, one of the most beloved bands and followed by the Leyendas del Rock audience, which once again turned their performance into one of the most acclaimed moments of the day. Another main course was the Italians Lacuna Coil, what with Cristina Scabbia As master of ceremonies, they dazzled the public with their gothic metal proposal, the same that has led them to be one of the most acclaimed groups of the genre as well as, possibly, the most successful Italian group outside its borders, and which is also marked a gift in Leyendas del Rock: the live performance, for the first time, of his single “Layers of Time”

Apart from the headliner, another outstanding performance was that of the British Cradle of Filth, a reference band within extreme metal that, however, has managed to reach a massive audience. Commanded by its vocalist Dani Filth, the band offered a waste of passion and energy and a spectacular staging in which darkness, mythology and Satanism went hand in hand, providing the perfect counterpoint to the purity and sonority of Thin Lizzy’s sound.


He closed the day at the Mark Reale Nanowar of Steel, the freak metal band that has recently become a social phenomenon with their song Norwegian Reggaeton, which in one stroke dissects the most hackneyed topics of both heavy metal and commercial music, and which became one of the funniest moments of the day, incorporating the performance Charly glamor, lead singer of Gigatron, which in one way or another, always manages to end up appearing in Legends of Rock.

The heirs of AC / DC, in Villena

The second day of Leyendas del Rock starts this Friday, August 9 with the acoustic concert of Saurom, free, in the Plaza Mayor de Villena at 12 noon. It will continue from 2:00 p.m. on the camping stage with Salduie Y Landevir, and the doors of the sports center will reopen at 4:00 p.m. to give way to performances such as those of Crisix, MorphiuM, Avatar, Delain, Pestilence, Mayan, Warcry, Beast in Black, Koma Y Saurom, which will close the day with one of those great parties that only they know how to call.

Lacuna Coil

As main courses, after the fall of the cartel Dee Snider for reasons unrelated to the organization, the folk-metal of the Swiss Eluveitie and, above all, from 10:30 p.m., Airbourne, the heirs of AC/DC. Australians like them, there are those who already consider them the most important hard rock band of the 21st century. A simple and direct rock full of great melodies and catchy guitar riffs and possibly the most energetic direct of current rock, with a brutal waste of energy that is transmitted to the public from the first moment.

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