August 1, 2021

The musician announces the date of his retirement

The end of an era is near. Elton John has announced the date of his retirement after 50 years dedicated to music. It will be on November 22, 2022 in Los Angeles where the British will offer his last show framed in the tour Farewell Yellow Brick Road. The tour was announced three years ago but due to the pandemic it had to be postponed. Now the dates have been relocated, thus clearing what will be the specific day that Sir Elton John will perform live for the last time.

Elton John has had time to rearrange the schedule for his last tour although some of the cities that he was going to visit in his initial plan have now disappeared from the map. That is what has happened with the two concerts that I had planned for Barcelona. Now, Spain will be left out of its last tour.

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Although the last concert of the composer of Your song is dated to within a year and a half, it is likely that he will add some more shows for his “friends down there”, that is, for Australia, South America and Africa, places that do not appear at the moment in the calendar.

And it is that Elton John has suffered great losses due to the cancellation of the concerts due to the pandemic since both he and her husband, David Furnish, have wanted to assume the salaries of the workers who were unemployed. A total of 60 million euros, as published The Mail On Sunday.

Farewell Yellow Brick Road It will be an experience for fans of British music as thanks to PEXX technology they will be able to relive John’s 50 years of musical success. Five sound channels will make you enjoy an immersive experience and an unforgettable show.

“It’s the right time to thank all the fans I have around the world, and then say goodbye,” he explained. Elton John, who at 74, wants to spend more time with her husband and children. However, the artist will continue to compose songs and musicals. The only difference is that he will stop traveling the world to offer shows.