July 25, 2021

Aaron Rodgers deserves “some level of respect” from Packers

Recently retired Washington quarterback Alex Smith said Green Bay has failed to communicate with Aaron Rodgers in the last couple of years

The conflict between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers it doesn’t seem to get any closer to being resolved as the days go by, and with the players out of the premises until the start of training camp at the end of next month, it is likely that it will take some time to find out which direction the dispute takes .

Yet another quarterback closely associated with Rodgers contributed his point of view on the drama that is lived in Green Bay.

“Clearly, it is not an ideal situation and it is not what it should be,” said the recently retired Alex Smith in an interview via Zoom with USA TODAY Sports. “I think he owes a certain level of communication and a certain level of respect beyond the average player. And, I don’t think it’s asking too much just to communicate.

“Clearly, that didn’t happen over the last couple of years.”

Rodgers blamed the philosophy of the board as the cause of his discomfort with the Packers in an interview with Kenny Mayne in the program “SportsCenter” from ESPN at the end of May, stressing that he had no problem with Jordan Love, the quarterback you picked Green Bay in the first round of last year’s draft.

“With my situation, look, it’s never been about the draft pick, picking Jordan“, He said Rodgers a Mayne. “I love a Jordan; he’s a great kid. We have fun working together. I love the group of coaches, I love my teammates, I love the fans in Green Bay. It’s been an incredible 16 years. It’s just about a philosophy and maybe forgetting that it’s about people making things move. It’s about character, it’s about culture, it’s about doing things the right way. “

Smith seemed to validate the point of view of Rodgers, in his interview with USA TODAY Sports.

“Here’s a guy who has given the organization 16 years, he’s been there despite a lot of changes, too. He’s coming off perhaps one of the best seasons for a quarterback in history, still playing at an incredibly high level,” he said Smith. “You go back a year and all that was talked about was. ‘Is it finished? Aaron? Is it in decline? Yada yada yada ‘. He played in the middle of all of that. They have been at the door of Super Bowl the last couple of years, so I think it’s complicated.

The Packers have publicly maintained their desire to have Rodgers back. for “2021 and beyond,” as the team president put it, Mark Murphy, early in the offseason, but It’s unclear if Rodgers will report for training camp next month., or will stay away in an attempt to force a trade. Since the news of the conflict in Rodgers with the Packers in the afternoon prior to the start of the first round of Draft 2021, the Packers have insisted he will not be traded.

In the opinion of Smith, the Packers have not met their quarterback.

“The way people have been treated, he has come out and said that, practically,” he said. Smith daily. “So I think it’s important in any business, not just football, but any business, especially a team sport, I think it’s important how you treat people. Really, I think it hasn’t been ideal there. I hope so. can solve “.

Recently, Smith lived his own drama with the last organization he played for, the Washington Football Team. The quarterback won the award for Return of the Year in the 2020 campaign after leading Washington 5-1 and a division title after returning from a dramatic life-threatening leg injury that required multiple interventions over nearly two years.

Washington cut to Smith in early March, and in April, the quarterback announced his retirement.

In an interview with GQ magazine, published this offseason, Smith described feeling despised by Washington while completing his rehabilitation and recovery process to return to the grills.

“They don’t see me, they don’t want me there, they don’t want me to be part of them, they don’t want me within the team, the squad, they don’t want to give me a chance,” he said. Smith to the magazine. “I’m like leftovers and I’m hurt. At this point, as you can imagine, I’ve been through it all. I can’t believe they care so little.”

Smith and Rodgers were inevitably linked for life, being the first two quarterbacks selected in the 2005 NFL Draft.. Smith was chosen first global by the San Francisco 49ers, who opted for the product of Utah before Rodgers, who played just a few miles to Cal, and Berkley.

Rodgers fell precipitously in the order of selections of the first round, until it fell into the laps of the Packers, who still had Brett Favre as holder. Rodgers he spent three years as a substitute for Favre, until he announced his first retirement and Green Bay gave him control of the offense. With Rodgers as quarterback, Packers they conquered the Super Bowl XLV with Mike McCarthy as head coach, who was previously the offensive coordinator of San Francisco and one of those responsible for Niners optaran por Smith before Rodgers with the No. 1 overall pick in the draft.

“Just being a fan, I hope they can figure it out and correct it, because it would be rare to see him in a different uniform,” he said. Smith –who played for three different franchises in his career– of Rodgers, to USA TODAY Sports. “I certainly hope he has the opportunity to finish his career there.”

Rodgers skipped his only real offseason obligation, the mandatory minicamp of the Packers, and was subject to fines of up to $ 93,085. Also, he missed the entire offseason program, thus forgoing a $ 500,000 training bonus.

Information from Rob Demovsky and John Keim was used in the writing of this note.