August 3, 2021

A DAY LIKE TODAY: Frank Loesser was born

On a day like today, in 1910, the American composer and lyricist was born Frank Loesser. That is why we review both his biography and his best-known pieces.

Frank Loesser He was the son of a piano teacher, and at the age of four he played by ear any song he heard. Even so, he did not like to interpret his father’s music and preferred to compose his own music with the help of a harmonica. While working to support his family from a young age, when his father passed away, he began to write his first lyrics, which would end up being sung by artists such as Benny Goodman Y Mildred Bailey.

In fact, one of them, the mythical ‘Baby, it’s cold outside’, that appeared in THE DAUGHTER OF NEPTUNE (1949), won an Oscar for Best Original Song.

A year later, and thanks to his collaboration in the musical GUYS AND DOLLS (1950), For the one who composed the music and wrote its lyrics, it won a Tony Award for Best Musical. This show, based on the novels of THE IDYLL OF MISS Sarah Brown (1933) Y BLOOD PRESSURE de David Runyon, premiered on Broadway and had revivals all over the world, including one in the West End with Ewan McGregor, in addition to a film adaptation starring Marlon Brandon, Jeann Simmons and the same Frank Sinatra.

Although the show was selected as a Pulitzer Prize winner, for political reasons related to the tendencies of its screenwriter Abe Burrows, As stated by the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), it was vetoed and the award was void.

Finally, with HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING (1961) it won a Tony for Best Musical, a Grammy for Best Album, and also a Pulitzer for Best Drama. The show that premiered on Broadway received a total of 8 Tony nominations, of which it won 7, and traveled to the West End, toured the United States, and was adapted for the big screen by the director and choreographer. Bob Fosse. In 2011 it had a revival on the occasion of its 50th anniversary under the direction of Rob Ashford, and with Daniel Radcliffe Y John Larroquete as protagonists.