July 29, 2021

A renowned singer refuses to sing again with Ariana Grande CELEBRITIES El Intransigente

Ariana Grande, 27, announced that he will release his new album, successor to “Thank U, Next” this month. Lately, there have been some names of possible artists who will participate in the album. One of them was Chaka Khan, 67, who collaborated with the pop star on the “Nobody” track for the 2019 Hollywood movie “Charlie’s Angels.”

However, the “I’m Every Woman” singer dropped any ties to Grande in a recent interview with VLADtv. In his statement, he revealed no intention of working with the Grammy winner again. “Fuck it,” Khan replied when asked if he would collaborate with the “7 Rings” singer. Although his first reaction generated controversy, he later softened his words.

“She is fine. She is good on her own, “he told the interviewer Luenell. «She doesn’t need, besides, I don’t want to sing with another woman. I have nothing to say, okay, with a woman. She continued to defend her position, stressing that “I am not going to make any song without a heifer.” Earlier this week, Ariana broke some good news to her fans. “I can’t wait to give you my album this month,” he noted on Twitter and Instagram.

A source told Us Weekly that the 2020 EMA MTV Awards nominee is “looking at Friday, October 30 for the release date.” She would be waiting on the last day of the month to drop the new production that she has been working tirelessly on. However, the first track on the album, whose name is unknown, could be released on Friday, October 23, according to a second source.

Although absolutely nothing is known about the album, several rumors have arisen about it. It is said that The Weeknd, 30, could be on Ariana’s sixth album. The “Starboy” interpreter retweeted his colleague’s post, sparking rumors of a possible collaboration. Doja Cat, 24, could also appear. Grande said in an interview with Apple Music in May that the two “did a song together towards the end of last year.”