July 31, 2021

George Clooney’s romantic marriage proposal to Amal almost went wrong

Many women would not think the answer if George Clooney He got down on his knees and asked them to marry him, but the actor revealed that he spent a while waiting for the answer from his now wife, Amal. The 54-year-old actor asked the question in April 2014, after six months of relationship, something that caused confusion in the lawyer for being so early and unexpected

When George Clooney decided to propose to Amal Alamuddin, not everything turned out as he had imagined. Photo: Getty Images

“Everything was planned and I had cooked dinner,” said the Oscar winner in a talk with Ellen DeGeneres during your program. “(She) came home, as she had just come back from London,” she commented, adding that she had even considered putting the song on. Why Shouldn’t I, of her aunt Rosemary Clooney.

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He confessed that although Amal had not talked about marriage in the time they had been dating, as “it is the detonator of every relationship” he decided to ask her to marry him. “I had everything ready, the moment was ready, the song was playing and she got up to wash the dishes, which she had never done,” said the actor to the incredulous laugh of the driver. “I said, ‘What are you doing?’ and then it came back. Finally, after putting out the candle on the table, I commented, ‘I think there is a lighter in the box behind you,’ ”he added.

Amal and George Clooney have been married for over a year and they look happier than ever. Photo: Getty Images

The actor of Hail, Caesar! He stated that Amal did not understand what it was about when he saw the ring, but it was then that George knelt down and understood everything. “I got down on my knees and said, ‘I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life without you.’ She kept looking at the ring, turned to me and had an ‘Oh my God!’ Face, “she said.

“Finally, I literally expressed to him, ‘Look, I hope the answer is yes, but I need an answer. I’m 52 years old and I could break my hip very soon. ‘ Then Amal finally reacted with, ‘Oh yeah,’ so in the end it all worked out, ”George concluded. Of course, no one can blame his now wife, as it is very likely that he thought something like this would never happen.