August 1, 2021

Jasper Elmore, redesigning the resonator guitar 100 years after its invention?

The guitars resonators Y good with a system of metal cones superimposed, were invented in the 1920s by John Dopyera Given the need for the guitarists of the orchestras of the time to have enough volume to compete with the brass and horn section. Later converted into a characteristic instrument of blues and bluegrass, that design has been improved and has had countless versions throughout these 100 years, but in essence its principle of operation through metal cones has remained unchanged. But now a young company has presented an innovative electroacoustic that also pays homage to the musician with his name. Elmore James famous for his slide version of “Dust my broom” by Robert Johnson.



Elmore has a body of Toasted ash with internal resonance chambers, and what would be the metal front cover and the cones of a resonance guitar, have been replaced by a rear cover of Carbon fiber with an adjustable tension system by means of a screw. A pair of grilles on the “ass” serve as the circular or ƒ-shaped holes that are typically found on the front of a traditional resonator.


String vibration and acoustic sound is captured by a system LR Baggs Anthem SL, which combines a microphone internal and a piezo on a metal bridge of our own design. The volumes of both sources can be controlled separately by a potentiometer and trimmer on the side of the guitar.


The neck of this guitar is one-piece Roasted maple With easy access to the high register, it has a heel truss adjustment, 25.5 ”scale, 22 Medium Jumbo frets, bone nut, Gotoh headstock and a 10” radius.

Below you can see a review by Justin Johnson:

Elmore has a list price starting at $ 2,799 with case G&G included.

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