July 26, 2021

Los Nodoyunas – East of the West

In the last review I cited Van Gogh and his only claim with his art, which was to reflect the tenderness with which he felt, and I adapted the quote to my thinking. I said that the only thing I want my writing to prosper is for me to honestly put together lyrics. Well, without having intended it, we have an example: a band that I met in The Musical Quarry, where I collaborate. They just put out an LP Rock in the veins, which I liked, and they were promoting crowdfunding to get their next job done. Small rewards that this life has: an empty pocket, but an email with the songs in privileged status and a thank you note. Saint-Exupéry said that The essential is invisible to the eyes. One, two, three, rock!

The crossroads. Start like T Bone Shuffleby Johnny Winter, with that John Lee Hooker sound that looks like you just walked into a biker bar in the middle of Route 66. You smell the wood from the bar, the last drink a guy with a patch just poured in the eye and a thick mustache and the blood of a poor bastard who is picking a few pinecones from the ground. All that with a washed-out blues guitar and a fifties rock scheme bass in the engine room. History tells us of the myth (or not, satanic themes I have not yet mastered) of Robert Johnson. Salva, the spokesperson of the Nodoyunas, went to the crossroads to see if he would sell his soul, but it is seen that there was traffic jam in hell, or Dante Aligheri was on an excursion there … the fact is that no one was to close the deal . Los Nodoyunas, who were going to be the greatest band of all time, have been left halfway because the prince of darkness ran out of battery power. It’s that kind of humor …

The legend of the sinner. It has the air of a western movie, but with that Chicano style of Molotov in Beaner. How not to evoke the immortal Johnny Cash in Ghost riders in the sky. The base is the box, not even the drums, around the bass are gathered, which comes and goes, always away from the songs in four notes, a completely country / rockabilly guitar and a voice that walks in its low registers to rise in the choruses, with more force, a little more acute. Enter the harmonica and think about it Like a rolling stone, by Bob Dylan (by the way, everyone to see Nomadland, which is going to bring her back to the fore).

The son of evil. These could be my colleagues from La Último Bala, from Zaldívar. Nobody but you, for example. A little more distortion, powerful choruses and a lot of energy on the bass, which leaves the guitar part to its own, picking and doing “decoration”. Making a football simile, it is to free a midfielder from defensive work. The guitarreo loses weight in the skeleton of the song to let the bass and drums come out from behind. As for the subject, he makes two subjects at the crossroads, now making deals with Demian, that of The seed of the devil. These men are going the march, there is no doubt.

Compulsive dreamer. Another Basque band they remember, with that slide guitar (which won’t be slide, but it reminded me): The Riff Truckers in For Tommy. Man, Osman has a charisma, an energy… something that cannot be defined in words, that Salva cannot. Let’s see, I’m not saying that one is better than the other. I say that one is more dynamic, more effusive, and Salva is more of a club singer, calmer. So, the energy that The Riff Truckers transmit makes you want to jump like a freak, and the energy that my friends Los Nodoyunas transmit makes you want to take a motorcycle and go off to see the world.

Rising Sun. Bastards. Yes, it is worth hot cloths. The Nodoyunas are bastards. On Rock in the veins, versionan Simple man, by Lynyrd Skynyrd, the best song the band ever gave, but now… now they have taken one of the best songs of all time. And period. The house of the rising sun it is a masterpiece. They would have to put it in schools. Who has the guts to say that this song is bad? They take away my heavy license, my keyboard would run out of the E key and the dogs would growl at me when I walked around the neighborhood. That’s right. The only bad thing about this song is that I have not included it in Looking for Gold II (editorial in process). The Nodoyunas translate as best they can to maintain more or less decent rhymes without losing the general meaning. Sure, with Salva screwing up his vocal cords (scabies with pleasure does not itch) and an instrumental base with changes in the guitar and drums with respect to the original, but with a colossal bass … Buah … if at the funeral they put songs, my funeral it will last three days. What the hell and get it out dancing, like in New Orleans.

In short, dignity. With not much money, not great pretensions or many birds in the head. With their feet on the ground and a good dose of honesty, these Nodoyunas give dignity to the profession of musician. We create the songs that we would like to hear, success will come, or not.

For those who want to glimpse the dignity of the profession of musician, links to the band:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/losnodoyunas/

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7gKb2keQN1ui9qMNq_VuLg

Spotify, Apple Music… https://links.altafonte.com/nxjyqm

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/nodoyunas/