August 2, 2021

New PRS HX amps based on the Marshall Super Lead used by Hendrix at Woodstock

When almost 10 years ago PRS launched the HXDA, an amplifier inspired by those used by Jimi Hendrix Y Duane Allman which had a series of switches HX / DA To easily switch from one circuit to another, the company did so based on one of the amplifiers used by The Allman Brothers Band on the famous live show “At Fillmore East”.

But now, thanks to the permission of Janie Hendrix, the sister of the legendary guitarist, and Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, Washington, they were able to examine the modified Marshall Super Lead 68/69 100-watt switch that Hendrix allegedly wore at the Woodstock, has allowed them to develop these new PRS HX.

Paul Reed Smith says the following about the PRS HX:

“Designing the PRS HX was not an over-engineering exercise. It’s a fairly straightforward build with the right parts and circuitry. We kept historical specs where they made sense and made replacements based on availability, safety, and experience. Ultimately “I think we’ve made an amp that sounds great, with exceptional build quality and enough power to move your pant leg when you play with it.”

“This is not a painstakingly historical recreation of the amp Hendrix used, but rather a snapshot of the development of a series of modified amps that he came to use on the road and in the studio.”says PRS amp designer Doug Sewell. “The reliability, the compatibility with its effects and guitars, the sounds it got, and the feel and response of the amp were taken into account.”

The new PRS HX has two channels with shared controls of Presence, Bass, Middle, Y Treble, bridged internally to avoid having to use a cable on the front to link them as in the original, and each one with its own independent volume control.

The model HX 100 100 W has three valves JJ ECC803S in the previous and four New Sensor EL34EH on the stage, while the HX 50 50W has the same preamp and controls circuit and valves, but only carries a pair of New Sensor EL34EH on the stage.

List prices are $ 3,150 for him HX 100 and of $ 2,900 for him HX 50. Matching displays with speakers are also available Celestion G12H-75 Creamback for $ 1,199 the 4×12 and 899 dollars la 2×12.

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