August 2, 2021

Packers president accepts Aaron Rodgers situation divides fans

Mark Murphy wrote in a column that he has received letters and emails from fans expressing the absence of the quarterback.

GREEN BAY — Los Green Bay Packers they still don’t have a situation to situation del quarterback Aaron RodgersBut they know what it has done to their fans.

“The situation we face with Aaron Rodgers has divided our fans“wrote the President of the Packers, Mark Murphy, in his monthly column published this Saturday on the team page. “The emails and letters I have received reflect this fact.“.

It has been more than a month since the news of the dispute of Rodgers with the organization in a report by Adam Schefter from ESPN. Last month, Murphy recognized that it is a problem in which Packers have been working with Rodgers and his agent, David Dunn, for “several months.”

Murphy essentially confirmed Schefter’s report that he, general manager Brian Gutekunst, and head coach Matt LaFleur they all made separate trips to meet with Rodgers during low season and that the team was “well aware of the concerns of Aaron“. Murphy proclaimed at the time that the team remains “committed to Aaron in 2021 and beyond. “

The most recent chapter in history occurred last week, when Rodgers was a guest on Kenny Mayne’s last appearance on SportsCenter. Rodgers suggested that his problem with Packers it was about an organizational philosophy that he believes has gone wrong. And while quarterback Jordan Love’s pick in last year’s draft turned things around for him, his problem with was with Love, if not with the way it happened.

“I love Jordan, he’s a great kid, we have so much fun working together,” he said. Rodgers In the past week. “I love the coaching staff, I love my teammates, I love the fans in Green Bay. It has been an incredible 16 years. It’s just about a philosophy and maybe forgetting that it’s about the people who make things work. It’s about character, culture, doing things the right way. “

Rodgers the low season program of the Packers, losing a $ 500,000 training bonus. Failure to show up for next week’s mandatory minicamp, which begins Tuesday, would be subject to a $ 93,085 fine.

Rodgers became the starting quarterback of the Packers 13 years ago in the midst of a split in the fans: those who wanted the fans to Packers get Brett Favre back after he came out of retirement and those who were ready to move on. Those in favor of Favre were more vocal on that stage and Favre made himself a likable figure before being traded to the New York Jets. Anti-Favre sentiment, however, increased when he came out of retirement again a year later to play for rivals Minnesota Vikings.

At this point, there have been mixed reactions in the smallest city in the NFL: those who want Rodgers come back at any cost and those who are upset with a player who no longer wants to be part of your team.

“As I wrote here last month, we remain committed to working things out with Aaron and we want him to be our quarterback in 2021 and beyond, “he wrote Murphy in his column this Saturday. “We are working to resolve the situation and realize that the less the parties say publicly, the better.”