August 3, 2021

RPM: “The Blues that comes from the North (from Europe)”

Stein Idar Stokke (born October 18, 1953) is a Norwegian blues artist and composer from Lillestrøm.

Stein Idar Stokke He has been making music since the 1960s. He is the band’s leader, vocalist, and songwriter for the group. Stein Stokke & The Engine. Stein was one of the founders and leader of other practically unknown formations such as Solid Comfort, Sugar Ann & Her Good Rockin ‘Daddies, Øratadom, From the Hip y Rosenhill Bluesband.

Stein Stokke & The Engine it’s a “Blues motor” well greased, with experienced musicians, their own material, and rhythms and stories that guarantee a great musical experience.

The group is a regular at club gigs and blues festivals.

Stein Stokke has become a major blues artist. Well known for his raw, powerful and soulful voice, he has developed a personal style with the harmonica and also with the euphonium,

very rare to use in a blues band.

According to his statements, his influences come, how could it be otherwise, from the delta-blues from

Tommy Johnson,

of the power of Howlin ’Wolf,

harmonica Little Walter

Y Sonny Boy Williamson,

and the feeling of Little Milton Y Ruth Brown .

Stein he writes nearly every song, with his roots deeply rooted in the fertile field of blues, bringing quick commentary and stories about his songs to his concerts.

The rest of the band

The Engine:

Arve Lund on guitars and backing vocals, standing out for his style and his surprising slide. He has been playing with Stein several years, and he is the one you arranged for most of the songs.

Rune Bryn He is a well-known drummer as a musician and as a studio drummer, both for his “old rhythms” and for his contributions to bass.

Rickard Johannesson is a rock solid bass player, with extensive experience in different styles and also as a session musician, many of these along with Rune Bryn.

2020 album of Stein Stokke & The Engine is a good example of the interest that blues awakens beyond its original territories.