July 28, 2021

The Big Flyers, elegant in the morning on the terrace

Reverend Igor, Javi Caballero, Pedro Larrauri and Álvaro King watched by passers-by. / CARLOS Gª AZPIAZU

The former rhythm and blues and boogie woogie quartet, the parallel combo of The Reverendos, animated the Mirador de Ereaga based on sharp originals and brazen versions: Carl Perkins, Chuck Berry, Elmore James, Muddy Waters …

El Mirador de Ereaga, located in a wing of the Hotel Igeretxe de Getxo, next to the promenade of the beach of the same name, usually fills its three spaces (terrace, gazebo and bar) in the weekly Sunday morning concerts. Sometimes the squids even run out, as happened recently with La Costa Oeste, one of Dani Merino’s groups, because the place was packed with people and the waiters couldn’t cope.

El Mirador de Ereaga also goes bowling on Fridays at 6 in the afternoon (um, we saw Coppel one day when it started to rain), but because of the schedule, the Sunday program suits us better, at 12:45 in the morning. We come walking and see a while of bowling having something (Coca-Cola zero, beer without alcohol …, it has coincided!), But this Sunday morning we are going to tell you, because we witness the 22 songs that they played in 94 minutes Los Vizcaínos (almost from Getxo, one could say) The Big Flyers, who are nothing but the Reverendos of a lifetime playing a more bluesy repertoire. ‘Hot 50’s R&B’, as the poster indicated, or ‘hot 50’s rhythm and blues’. In other words, the music of urban black Americans.

Álvaro Martínez Mariezcurrena, with a casino shirt, George Clooney beard and guitar from 1956. /


Guitarist Álvaro Martínez announced happily on his Facebook page: «This Sunday it’s time to get elegant and get yaya Silvertone out of the coffin !!! Play vermouth bowling with The Big Flyers on the terrace of the Igeretxe Hotel !!!! At 12:45 !!! Blues & boogie viejunos !!!! ». The Silvertone is his guitar, dated 1956, and he came out well painted, as usual: with a George Clooney beard and no jacket (“it was too hot for the jacket,” he confided to us when he finished), but with tergal trousers, a leather key ring. dice, and a Las Vegas casino employee shirt that his brother gave him.

And his companions were not behind him, the same subjects as in The Reverendos, all in bowling shirts: the pianist and singer Igor García, alias El Reverendo (ZZ Top beard, hat and tattoos), the precise drummer Javi Caballero ( ex of the neorockabillies Boogie Punkers and JukeBox Racket, handsome bearded man, tattooed and with two-colored shoes and a hat), plus double bass player Pedro Larrauri (ex BlueGrass Express and La West, with an evil Rick Estrin mustache and fly). Ah, all four of them wore black glasses, like the Blues Brothers.

With hats: the bearded Reverend ZZ Top and the clean-shaven Javi Caballero. /


And so from painter, certifying once again that current blues musicians dress much better than the generally neglected and even unsightly jazzmen (if Count and Duke were resurrected …), The Big Flyers in those 94 minutes for 22 songs were left with the rock, even the one outside the enclosure: the walkers watched and even two surfers in wetsuits followed part of the show from the attached garden. The gig stirred from the lady who danced leaning back in her chair to the girl who danced standing up, oblivious to covid protocols, and the Big Flyers did not abuse the interaction, only Reverend Igor sang standing up and without a microphone ‘The sky is crying ‘by Elmore James, he graciously asked for palms in the original’ I wanna bop ‘(‘ put your beers on the table and clap your hands ‘, he convinced those on the terrace, and looking at those in the arbor demanded:’ inside too, that you are people »), and requested choirs in the ‘Got my mojo workin’ by Muddy Waters (at first the rock did not measure up and the leader and founder rebuked in 1997:« let’s see, what the fuck Is this one? Sing those on the right bank… Buf, with this I have to confirm… I don’t even ask those inside… ”, but you had to hear the tables on the terrace chanting enthusiastically at the end of the version).

The Reverend singing ‘The sky is crying’ and alongside Álvaro King, the two founders in 1997 of The Reverendos. /


Well, of the 22 titles let us point out some, or quite a few, “because all the songs we play are beautiful,” as El Reverendo stated. There were blatant influences from Professor Longhair (‘The Music Will Continue Until We Die’, Robert Johsnon’s cover ‘Last fair deal’), Hound Dog Taylor (the scrapper and bouncy man ‘Blues in my veins’), from the West Coast (the instrumental ‘La playa’, the version of ‘Ruta 66’ …), the neoswing (joined by a marvelously sung by Igor ‘Hit the road Jack’ by Ray Charles with his original ‘Let’s voodoo’ rocked by a very Brian Setzer plucking of Álvaro, whom his friend and co-founder El Reverendo at the end of the gig introduced him thus: «The illustrious, the wonderful, the one with the vertiginous fingers Álvaro King», who this morning ended up with his fingers bruised by the thick and hard strings of his Silvertone guitars and because The Big Flyers had not played since July 2020 in Salvatierra; although The Reverendos performed not so long ago in San Sebastián).

And we continue with the references: the Blasters in ‘One more time’ (it’s version, but don’t ask us whose version) and in ‘My tie’ (this one’s own), and the cheeky versions, not at all purist or scared, of Chuck Berry , Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins (great rockabilly ‘Boppin’ the blues’), one more Elmore James (‘Dust my broom’ in the style of rhythm and grumpy blues) and Muddy Waters (both: ‘Hoochie coochie man’ and the ‘Mojo working’).

And to close, as an encore, there was a first, the white country rock and roll ‘Let’s move ever your legs’ or something similar, which will be included in the next album by The Reverendos. And we who see it and hear it.