July 24, 2021

The cooks put away the pots and the singers arrive

Telefe has arranged to monopolize the attention tonight. For this, he announced that “a very special chapter” of the successful series “Dr. Milagro ”, in order to preheat the screen in the preview of the definition of“ MasterChef Celebrity Argentina 2 ”, which will go on at 22. The main course of the day will last only half an hour. After it is known who the best cook is, the premiere of the much-announced reality show “La voz argentina” will arrive at 10:30 p.m.

The finalists aspire to win the $ 1,200,000 prize and scholarship to a major international cooking school. In the definition they will compete Gaston Dalmau Y Georgina Barbarossa.

Sol Pérez He reached the last week, but it was the last that he said goodbye to the contest, paving the way for his two companions for the decisive instance. Pérez had already been expelled from the competition, but the repechage allowed him to return and he did very well, with the jury highlighting his studious facet that he made visible in his preparations. On Tuesday night, he presented a plate of pasta that the jury found simple, although with good flavor and just the right spot. It did not reach him.

Surprise had already been the removal of Candela Vetrano, a crowd favorite, at Sunday’s Elimination Gala. Before they had been eradicated from kitchens Mariano Dalla Libera, Falls off, Juanse, Flavia Palmiero, Hernán Montenegro, Daniel Araoz, Fernando Carlos, Andrea Rincon, Carmen Barbieri, Dani La Chepi, Alexander Caniggia Y Mary O’Donnell. Everyone was touched by the novelty of the season: Robertito Funes Ugarte He waited for them at the exit of the canal to take them home and say goodbye by interviewing them in the car.

The finalists are very different from each other. Dalmau is an actor, born in 1983 in Coronel Suárez (Buenos Aires). He stood out as the character of Ramiro Ordóñez in “Almost Angels”; and is a producer in the United States, where he worked at Marvel Studios and was part of the visual effects team at Paramount Pictures. He was a member of the post-production team for “Captain America: Civil War.” Dalmau was a revelation in Masterchef Celebrity 2: he began his participation very reviled by the jury, but in the end he surprised with his learning.

Barbarossa was born in the Federal Capital in 1954. Actress since the 80s and a very popular host among Argentine viewers. Although she made serious mistakes, her experience in the burners placed her in this instance. On Saturday night as a guest at PH, the program that leads Andy Kutnezof, he did not deprive himself of spoilear that she reaches the final, which caused the usual indignation of many and the joy of her fans on social networks.

THE FINALISTS. Georgina Barbarossa and Gastón Dalmau raffled all instances and reached the definition of Masterchef Celebrity 2 today.


Two very successful seasons of Masterchef Celebrity gave rise to Telefe to face the third edition of the reality show. For this there are already calls to new celebrities to participate, which will begin to be officially revealed after today’s epilogue.

However, the possible names of Jesica Cirio, Mauro Szeta, Rodrigo Noya, Sofía Jujuy Jiménez, Santiago Maratea, Migue Granados and Andrea del Boca. For his part, the theater director Jose Maria Muscari She fervently applied to participate in MasterChef Celebrity 3.

The recordings of the new reality show would begin in July and it would be broadcast in August or September.

Marley driving

With the kitchens very clean after the end of the contest, “La voz argentina” will begin, the number one musical talent show in the world, with the conduction of Marley as in the two previous editions (in 2012 and 2018) and with the special participation of leading figures of international music in the role of coaches: Ricardo Montaner, Soledad, Want Y Ricky, Y Lali.

This edition will feature “The Return”, the digital spin-off hosted by Stefi Roitman next to the fifth coach, Emilia Mernes. It will be a new opportunity to return to La voz Argentina for some of the participants who have not been chosen by the other four coaches.

The new season of the show, which will have an impressive production display, featured a casting of more than 15,000 applicants with the same dream: to be La Voz Argentina.

The program returns to the screen preceded by notable audience records of the format around the world, with the participation of Shakira, Ricky Martin, Maluma, Cristina Aguilera, Alejandro Sanz, Michael Buble, Luis Fonsi Y Tom Jones, among other teachers.

According to the evaluation of the jury and the vote of the public, the contest will have five phases:

– Blind auditions: the coaches will have their backs to the singers. They will listen to them and from the voice, they will press a button to take it to their team. If it turns out that more than one judge chooses the same participant, they can choose who to go with. If no one presses the button, the participant will be eliminated.

– Battles: in this part, the coaches will have to reduce their teams. To do this, they will put the participants to compete. They can also steal participants from other juries. After this part, 14 participants will go to the next round.

– Knockouts: in this instance, the participants will face each other again so that each judge reduces their teams. Only one steal per coach is allowed to save or recruit a contestant eliminated by another jury.

– Playoffs: each coach has eight participants. After singing one song each, only four artists move on to the next stage.

– Final: 12 participants will face each other seeking to be the only one consecrated as La Voz Argentina.