August 1, 2021

the emotional message of “Cantinflas” to Ray Charles while giving him an award – Prensa Libre

“Cantinflas” presented an award to singer Ray Charles in 1970. (Free Press Photo: YouTube video screenshot)

Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” achieved great popularity in Mexico thanks to his films that always managed to get more than one laugh from those who saw them. The success of “Cantinflas” allowed Mario Moreno to work in Hollywood and meet many personalities from the show.

In 1970 he had the opportunity to meet and present an award to the singer Ray Charles, one of the pioneers in soul music and thanks to his success or Rolling Stone magazine added him to its list of the 100 great singers of all time.

The meeting between “Cantinflas” and Charles was during an awards ceremony in Mexico, when Mario Moreno was in charge of delivering an award to the singer with an emotional speech. Before Ray Charles will appear on stage, the Mexican actor took the opportunity to bring out his character a bit and sing, something that caused laughter among those attending the awards, but after joking a little he introduced the singer.

“On this night of true joy in which true values ​​of art, athletes, are being stimulated with a wonderful trophy. It is a trophy that symbolizes the encouragement that an artist must receive to move forward, “said” Cantinflas. “

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At the end of giving these words, Ray Charles made his appearance with the help of several people and even “Cantinflas”, supported him to approach the microphone, since Ray Charles was blind since.

With a speech in English, Cantinflas presented the award to Ray Charles and emphasized that Mexico was a country that he admired and loved. “Every time you come to my country, never forget that Mexicans love you with all their hearts. This country is very sensitive, they feel what you project and please take this trophy and remember that everyone loves you in my country ”,“ Cantinflas ”told him.

Ray Charles thanked “Cantinflas” and the audience for the award. “Thank you very much, I would like to say that I am very proud and honored to receive this award from the Mexicans and sorry that I cannot speak Spanish, I do not know the language very well, but I can say thank you very much,” concluded Ray Charles.

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