July 28, 2021

The time Jimi Hendrix got so high he was kidnapped by the mob and he didn’t even notice – Rock & Pop

All fans of music in general know that one of the best guitarists of all time, Jimi Hendrix, he had a drug problem. However, that went into the background for a while and the musician was able to enchant us with his legendary songs. Those that even led him to perform in one of the most remembered festivals, Woodstock 1969. In spite of everything, very few know that once a the voice of “Voodoo Child” he was kidnapped by the mafia. Y didn’t even notice!

The rise and fall of the guitarist

In the late sixties, Jimi Hendrix had three of his hits, “Hey Joe”, “Purple Haze”, y “The Wind Cries Mary”, in the main list of UK hits. This with the musical trio The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

However, after a trip he had to London, and when he was about to achieve that success, the artist began to experimenting and abusing narcotics. This led to difficult and unfortunate situations that led to his death at just 27 years old in 1970.

Although what not many knew, is that Jimi Hendrix they kidnapped and held him to demand a ransom. And unbeknownst to the legendary musician, as he was too high.

The day mob members kidnapped Jimi Hendrix

A former drug lord named Jon Roberts, in his memoir, American Desperado, narrates that he once saved the musician from a attempted kidnapping in New York.

This man was a ex-member of the mafia and drug dealer. He relates that although he and Jimi they weren’t great friends, both used to frequent the same social circles when they lived in the city. Roberts owned a club called Salvation, and in his book he relates that inadvertently, got involved in this kidnapping of Jimi. This after some men from the compound they will grab it.

In those moments, Jimi Hendrix he was mired in a serious heroin addiction, And he would have gone to that compound to get the drugs. There, two young men from the mafia saw the artist and decided take him to a house on the outskirts of town. They tricked him by telling him that they were going to get him the drug and with the aim of hold him back for a wealthy ransom.

However, to Roberts they notified him of this kidnapping. He remembers that it took them only a couple of phone calls to get the names of those who had Jimi Hendrix. Thus, they called and threatened them with murdering them if they didn’t let go. It should be noted that Roberts was a serious mobster and that his father was a member of the criminal organization La Cosa Nostra.

jimi hendrix

That was how those young people let him go. And as Roberts recalls, Jimi Hendrix had gotten so high that it was very likely that he did not even remember who ever kidnapped him. After about two days of being held, Roberts said they went to see these young men. And for having kidnapped one of the great music legends, they decided to give them a big beating.