August 3, 2021

“We love Chile, when we tour again we will be there”

2021 is a premiere year for the rock band KINGS OF LEON. Grammy award winners and multi-platinum creditors, the group made up of the brothers Caleb (guitar / voice), Nathan (drums), Jared (short) and his cousin Matthew Followill (guitar), they just released “When You See Yourself“ (“When you look at yourself”, in Spanish), his most intimate and personal album in two decades of his career.

The album is the eighth of his career and is, according to drummer Nathan Followill, to which they have spent the most time and with which they have been able to experiment the most.

“I would describe this album as one of the most complete. Of course we’re older now, but has a very energetic and youthful vibe. We took a long time to make sure we had the songs and that is reflected in the music; our preparation and attention“, He explains to us over the phone in a connection between Chile and the United States.

Regarding his game with the drumsticks, the musician assured that “With this album I was able to be a little freer and trying parts that you wouldn’t normally do. The band was always supporting and also experimenting. In fact, Matthew was heavily played on weird vintage keyboards. So this is really our most experimental album to the extent that no one was really scared to stop trying new things, “he added.

From this album, his favorite songs are: Stormy Weather “because the Drum and bass lines are best for playing live“, 100.000 people “I can’t wait any longer for play this song live at a festival” Y The Bandit “Because as a drummer, I was able to join 2 songs in one with this theme“.

Kings of Leon’s eighth studio album was recorded at Nashville’s Blackbird Studios and produced by the winner of the Grammy Markus Dravs, the same one who has also worked with Arcade Fire, Coldplay and Florence + the Machine.

“We love Chile”

When asked about their memories of our country, the Kings of Leon drummer’s immediate response was “We love Chile.” Immediately afterwards, he recalled the band’s debut in a distant edition of the SUE Festival, in 2005, when they shared the poster at the Víctor Jara Stadium with The Strokes.

“I remember that We played with The Strokes once, which was amazing. In fact, we were very surprised at how much rock fanatics the Chileans were ”, recalled the musician who that night excelled with his instrument.

When asked if they would return soon once the concerts can be resumed, his answer was to the bone: “I would say that after this long break we had, yes, there is a good chance that we will return. I can say that when we start spinning again, we will definitely be there. We love being in Chile ”.

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From Bestie Boys to Broncho: The Benchmarks of Nathan Followill for the new Kings of Leon album

Going back to the record, we wanted to ask Nathan about sounds that inspired him to play the drumsticks in “When You See Yourself”. His responses were in the indie rock band Broncho, originally from Norman, Oklahoma, but also in the sounds of drumsticks from Portishead, “which I really enjoyed listening to while making this record.”

Now, when it comes to inspiring sounds, the Kings of Leon drummer defines himself as a follower of songs as broad as, “a song of the Bestie Boys, or a Beck song. Also songs with a small rhythm of funky battery, that surely you would not expect ”, begins to explain to us.


“But I would say that there is a band called The Band, which is from the 60s and 70s, where the drummer, who was a guy named Levon Helm, was my top idol. The first time I saw him I thought he was really amazing, because he sang and played at the same time. Something that I also like to do ”, he confesses.

Along the same lines, he declares himself an admirer of musicians such as Phil Collins or the baterista de The Police, Stewart Copeland.

“I grew up playing early gospel music and that’s why I’m a huge fan of Ray Charles, Etta James and Aretha Franklin ”, he adds.

“When I am at home with my wife and we are cooking, we listen to music from Sam Cook, Ottis Redding and well, that old R&B guy from Motown ”, he concludes.

Listen to “When You See Yourself”, the latest from Kings of Leon, here:

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