July 24, 2021

The 3 great revolutions of pop music, according to science

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  • BBC Mundo, @bbc_ciencia

Image source, PA


The Beatles marked an era, scientists say, but the real revolution came in 1991 with hip hop.

What revolutionized pop music? And when did those musical revolutions happen?

The answer to those questions was sought by a group of British scholars who scientifically studied that musical genre of the last 50 years and found that there were three style revolutions between 1960 and 1910.

Scientists from London Universities Queen Mary e Imperial College, analyzed more than 17,000 pop songs that made the list US Billboard Hot 100, that collects the most popular international melodies.

They studied different characteristics of the songs, such as the harmony, the chord changes, and the tones of the music. And then they analyzed how they changed over time.