July 24, 2021

the first streaming platform dedicated to the King of Rock and Roll

Elvis presley is one of the most recognized musical figures of all history. His legend has been told through movies, documentaries, and even comics.

However, 2021 marks the debut of a curious new format, a streaming platform 100% dedicated to preserving the legacy of the King of Rock and Roll.

As reported by Deadline magazine, the channel will be named after The Elvis Presley Channel. This will be available in Canada and the United States.

What’s more, It was confirmed that Elvis fans will not have to take any weight out of their pocket. This because the service will be free access, but it will include ads.

The channel will be connected to various Amazon, Samsung, Roku o Hulu, and will issue a diverse collection of King’s material. This includes documentaries, specials and music content by other artists.

On the other hand, so far the official premiere date of this new project or if it will make its landing in our country. However, it is expected to see the light during the first quarter of the year 2022.

A deep look at Elvis

In addition, The Elvis Presley Channel will be in charge of the company Cinedigm and of the Elvis Presley Enterprises, who will be in charge of maintaining the figure of the mythical interpreter.

“There are few people mmore iconic than Elvis Presley, he transcends time, gender and medium ”said Erick Opeka, president of Cinedigm Digital Networks.

“The opportunity to build a canal around Elvis opens up new possibilities. Broadcast to a whole new demographic in the fastest growing segment of the advertising business “Opeka added.

“Besides, andThe channel will allow a whole new audience to experience Elvis. At the same time he will give his fans a deeper look at his idol. “, concluded the president of Cinedigm.