July 24, 2021

Elton John and Johnny Cash on these albums – El Financiero


ARTIST: Ash Trio

SEAL: HHStudio

PRICE: $ 140 (available at bandcamp.com)

An unparalleled proposal

Formed in 2018, Ash Trío has the participation of three Argentine musicians who, living in different countries, have brought to the group the cultural influences of each of those places: Juan Pablo Arredondo, guitarist based in Amsterdam, Natalio Sued, saxophonist with residence in Buenos Aires and the drummer Hernán Hecht, who lives in Mexico. This year, the group presents Salt, their second album, in which the written and the improvised come together to shape their own language, full of subtleties and contrasts in which they fuse the sounds of jazz with elements of contemporary music. , rock and Latin American folk music. A unique project that you have to listen to.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

ARTIST: Elton John


PRICE: $ 358 (Double CD)

Album full of hits

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road has been compared to The Beatles’ White Album, which is no small feat. By the year of its release, in 1973, Elton John was already the most consistent hitmaker since the English band. Everything on this album is huge, featuring operatic sounds, glam, pop and rock and roll and it was a statement of principles that spanned two albums, fully showcasing every element of the dazzling personality. of the artist. This was truly Elton John’s debut as an animator, the professional who knows how to satisfy every segment of his audience, and this eagerness to please was a flood of excess.

At Folsom Prison

ARTIST: Johnny Cash

SEAL: Columbia Records

PRICE: $ 697

The man in black

By the late 1960s, Johnny Cash was being ignored on the radio, his fame waned, and he struggled to return. In 1968 he gave a concert in the prison in Folsom, California, which revived his career. The album Folsom Prison, an ideal mix of myth-making and raw reality, looms large in his career and is the moment when he became the towering Man in Black, a haunted troubadour who sang songs about crime, conscience. in conflict and jail. Surely, this dark outlaw stance was no fabrication, but it was an exaggeration, with Cash creating this image by tailoring his song list to his prisoner audience.