July 26, 2021

Maly Jorquier’s son shines dancing like Michael Jackson

Mali Jorquiera She is an active user of Instagram, where she has more than 818 thousand followers, with whom she shares a series of publications daily with which she draws laughter among users.

Several of these publications feature Lucas, his son next to Sergio Freire, who has impressed with his great personality at his young age.

This time the former Channel 13 entertainer surprised her followers by sharing a record where Lucas shows off dancing to the rhythm of Michael Jackson. “Nights of pandemic where the #freirejorqui”, he wrote to split its publication.

“No comment on your current idol, let him find out alone”added Jorirse next to the video that you can check out below:

Maly Jorirse explains why she shows her son less

Although Lucas used to star in Maly Jorquira’s publications, some time ago the comedian began to publish dialogues with the little one, leaving aside the images.

In conversation with the newspaper “The latest news”, Maly Jorirse provided details of this decision. “He prohibited me from exposing it so much (Sergio Freire)”Said the former host of the program “Let’s Go Long” with laughter, so she decided to change the way she showed her day-to-day life.

“They are all real, otherwise it would not be funny. He says them and I couldn’t lie, I wouldn’t play with it. I could show it by saying things, but they won’t let me “, Jorquer clarified regarding his taste for sharing the sayings of his little one, who makes thousands laugh with his outings when interacting with his parents.

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