July 27, 2021

Mar Flores changes the catwalk for ‘Mask Singer’: unmasked after ‘Flamenco’

Mar Flores has been the second unmasked of the delivery of ‘Mask Singer’ issued this Wednesday, June 30, after discovering that former basketball player José Manuel Calderón was hiding under ‘Dog’. It was the model who was under the guise of ‘Flamenco’, who has challenged the researchers of the Antena 3 program by singing a version of Eurothymics’ ‘Sweet Dreams’.

Flores has uncovered tonight as a great lover of rock music, judging by the clues she has offered: “I am a rare ‘Flamenco’. Wherever a man’s pajamas are, take off any feathers to sleep. That really is sexy Seeing a ‘Flamenco’ flying is another rarity of mine. I just have to listen to ‘rock’ and my wings peel off on their own, especially at Rolling Stones concerts. I don’t miss a single one, long live the satanic majesties! ”

“I am a ‘Flamenco’ rocker who thinks a lot about others. That is why I love to sweat my feathers in charitable causes. There I coincide with my most famous flamenco friends” has been another of the great keys about Flores, very involved for a few years in fashion design for solidarity purposes. In addition, the Atresmedia space has provided an additional clue about the mask, supposedly stolen from the bird’s dressing room: a ‘fuet’ bar. Apparently the contestant loves this sausage.

‘Flamenco’, in ‘Mask Singer’. (Atresmedia Television)

That ‘Flamenco’ was a woman and that she could dedicate herself to parading has been the common nexus of all the names launched by the ‘Mask Singer’ researchers, although none have come to say that of Mar Flores. After hesitating between Maribel Verdú and Nieves Álvarez, José Mota has decided on the Catalan. Javier Ambrossi has bet on Goya Toledo, while Javier Calvo has changed from Carmen Lomana to Judit Mascó in the last moment. The gala guest, Nuria Roca, explained that she believed it was Laura Sánchez. For her part, Paz Vega has chosen Nati Abascal.

‘Triple’ to the viewers of ‘Mask Singer’: José Manuel Calderón, under ‘Dog’

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Neither has coincided with Twitter users, who have made their guesses through the official ‘hashtag’ of the Fremantle format. Pilar Rubio has been the most famous famous for the followers of ‘Mask Singer’, especially because of the intimate relationship of the collaborator of ‘El hormiguero’ with the musical genre of which, apparently, Mar Flores is also staunch.

“My children are absolute ‘fans’ of the program and they did not know anything about this. They are going to die, they did not understand what their mother was doing going around on Saturdays to sing”The Madrid actress has confessed, who has also acknowledged that this experience “has made her remember her times on television and the feeling of being paraded on a catwalk.”