July 28, 2021

Mariska Hargitay’s car accident

Jayne Mansfield has one of the darkest stories in Hollywood. The one they always labeled a second-rate Marilyn Monroe, after starring on a Playboy cover in 1955 and using a fake platinum blonde hair to make it big in the movies (The Wayward Bus), died prematurely in 1967 when the vehicle in which he was riding crashed into a truck on a Louisiana highway. The area had been sprayed with an insecticide that had created a kind of cloud and prevented the driver from having visibility. Driver Ronnie Harrison, Mansfield and lawyer Sam Brody, who was his lover at the time, died in the accident..

Death could not have been more media. As Mansfield’s blonde wig was found some distance from the ’66 Buick Electra, many media made up that it had been beheaded, although it was confirmed that it had been unrecognizable after the crash. But in the accident there were survivors, the three passengers in the back seat, who were daughters of Mansfield. And who was one of them? Well, an undisputed star of television, the incombustible Mariska Hargitay, who was only 3 years old at the time.

Hargitay was in the crashed vehicle in which Jayne Mansfield died in 1967 “

Mariska is not defined as a star because of journalistic touches, to emphasize this text, but because there are few better known, richer and more influential actresses on American television. A server does not refer to her by her first name for macho reasons but because Mariska’s name, in addition to being catchy, is unique. She’s the Hollywood Mariska. And she is also the woman who has read the most scripts with gender violence in her life as the protagonist of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, which allows him to be one of the highest paid people on American television.

Daughter of Mansfield and Mickey Hargitay, a former Mister Universo, Mariska He seemed to have been born with a thirst for show and a well-furnished head, like his mother, who was rumored to have an IQ of 164 no matter how the naive blonde made herself out of business. Mariska was a Marymount school cheerleader, a member of the student government, and a part of the drama group while the media was still exploiting her mother’s death. The morbid sold before and the morbid continues to sell now.

One of Jayne Mansfield’s most iconic titles

20th Century Fox

Mariska studied and, in parallel, stories were told that the ghost of her mother was walking through the corridors of the Pink Palace, the house that the 20th Century Fox actress had decorated in pink (including a pink champagne fountain) and which had raised the bar for eccentric mansions of Hollywood stars. That mansion, by the way, would go through the hands of Cass Elliot from The Mamas and the Papas, the beatle Ringo Starr (who said he couldn’t hide the pink no matter how many times he painted) and Engelbert Humperdinck (who said he saw the ghost by home).

Perhaps it is because of these rumors that Mariska she always felt it was a slab to be the daughter of a star. But this did not deviate from her path to succeed in the industry that had treated her mother like a second woman: first she rose as Miss Beverly Hills in 1982, shortly after she tried to run for Miss California, a crown that eluded her, and he eventually enrolled at UCLA to study theater and film. But impatience got the better of her. When he was given his first roles in video clips and eighties horror films like Ghoulies, he dropped out of school. See her very young in this She loves my car by Ronnie Milsap, for the record, it is priceless.

But the interesting thing is that he did not end up following in his mother’s footsteps at face value. Aware that Hollywood pampered its stars until it was fed up with them, as they did with her mother, Mariska had no problem accepting roles on television. His first cathodic role was in Downon and in 1988 he already had a recurring role in the mythical Falcon Crest like Carly Fixx. He would also participate in The Baywatch, Seinfeld and had such memorable roles as “bar whore” in Leaving Las Vegas (It is literally described like this in the IMDB database).

So that it is understood that the rings have never fallen, she even accepted the role of Dulcea in a (laughable) movie of the Power Rangers 1995. She had to replace Gabrielle Fitzpatrick, who had had to leave the project hastily for health reasons. And the saddest thing is, when Fitzpatrick recovered earlier than planned (and good for her), removed the Mariska scenes from the final cut to include only those of Fitzpatrick.

But so much stone cutting would give him his golden opportunity when in 1999 one of the Midas kings of television, Dick Wolf, saw his audition for Law & Order: UVE, a spin-off of Law and Order, which was then one of the most watched and respected series on television. Mariska was one of three finalists for the role of Olivia Benson, and when Wolf saw her chemistry with Christopher Meloni, it was clear to him that the couple had to investigate sex crimes in New York.

Like Olivia Benson she has suffered the unimaginable.

Like Olivia Benson she has suffered the unimaginable.


As the relentless Olivia Benson, she has played every possible crime for 19 seasons and 434 episodes. (and with a 20 season on the way, that the series seems like it will never go away). This has allowed him to amass a fortune of more than 50 million dollars with a salary estimated at between $ 400,000 and $ 500,000 per episode, in addition to earning a reputation for safe value on television, with an Emmy to his credit and eight other nominations. And she is so happy that she is.

While Christopher Meloni, for example, did want to leave the series after ten seasons to explore new characters, Mariska remains faithful to the character because she knows that finding a success of this size is practically impossible. He has a job and personal stability that is almost an exception in an industry as volatile as Hollywood, a situation that allows him to shoot in the same place every day, know that he sleeps with his family every night and collect a large check that no one else does. would offer.

Mariska Hargitay charges between 400,000 and 500,000 dollars for each episode of ‘Law and Order: UVE’ “

She knows that her name is worth a lot as long as it goes hand in hand with Olivia Benson, in the same way that Ellen Pompeo is very valuable as long as it is Meredith Gray. Typecast? It could be argued that they are fortunate, turned into television and cultural icons, as demonstrated by their joint appearance in the video clip of Bad Blood by Taylor Swift. And why did he want them in the video? Because Swift and her mother love Law & Order: Vee and Grey’s Anatomy to such an extent that their cats are named Olivia Benson and Meredith Gray.

Her mother lived off the shrillness, from her collaborations in Playboy, from her first steps as a singer, of her nude media (in Promises! Promises!), of her collaborations in Europe when America no longer wanted her, of controversial friendships (she was related to the satanic teacher Anton LaVey) and of love relationships that never ended well (she had a son with Paul Mansfield, another three with Miklos Hargitay and finally another with Matt Cimber).

Mariska, on the other hand, is synonymous with stability with a job she has maintained since 1999 and with a husband she met in Law and with whom He has three children: August Miklos (2006), Amaya Josephine (2011) and Andrew Nicolas (2011), these last two adopted. And his free time, in addition to dedicating it to his family, is dedicated to his foundation Joyful Heart Foundation to help survivors of rape, domestic violence and child abuse.

“I started receiving letters from survivors who felt a connection to Olivia. In many of these letters, people told me their personal stories of abuse, and many of them were telling them for the first time. I understood that many lived in isolation with great shame, but that shame belonged to the criminals. I wanted to help them find a way to resume their lives and live them with a renewed sense of opportunity and hope, ”explained Mariska about the organization she founded in 2004.

Now your next challenge as an activist is to report how many rape kits are being stored or destroyed in the United States without having been analyzed. It is what you intend to count in documenting I am evidence which he produces and stars alongside Kym Worthy, who could be defined as a real-world Olivia Benson, and which will air on HBO.

Time may have turned Jayne Mansfield into a mere Hollywood anecdote, a Marilyn wanna-be of little memorable career and sensational death, but it cannot be said that he did not leave a legacy in Hollywood. Her name is Mariska, the daughter who miraculously survived that fateful car accident and ended up becoming television nobility.

The actress has become one of the greatest activists to fight against sexual and domestic violence “