July 29, 2021

Pampita revealed the moment when she wished for the arrival of her daughter with Roberto García Moritán

“So we were, making the same wish my love”, expressed Pampita on his official Instagram account revealing the precise moment when, along with Roberto García Moritan they asked to become parents. The special request was registered on the birthday the couple celebrated together in 2020.

In the video that the top uploaded to their stories You can see them both looking into each other’s eyes, as they agree on this special request and blow out the candles on the cake.. Pampita accompanied the clip with the song “What a Wonderful Word”, by Louis Armstrong.

After asking for the desire to start a family together, the couple embraces with their children: Bautista, Benicio and Beltrán, the little ones that the model had with Benjamín Vicuña, and Delfina and Santino, the result of Roberto’s relationship with Milagros Brito.

This order date is not a simple number Since a year later, on January 17, 2021, the same day as Pampita’s birthday, they made public the news that they were pregnant.

Currently Pampita is reaching the ninth month of pregnancy and in a few days the model is expected to give birth. “Our daughter is the best gift we dream of for this beautiful family that we form,” said the host of Pampita Online.

Pampita idea? Roberto García Moritán revealed a key fact about what his baby will be called

There is very little left for Pampita and Roberto García Moritán welcome your baby on the way. In fact, just a few days ago, Marcelo tinelli He told in his program that, for him, the girl would be called Antonella. But this time the businessman gave key details about the identity that his daughter will carry.

Previously, it was the same Pampita who had a failed act and revealed that the girl would bear the name of Catalina.

This time, it was Garcia Moritan who was encouraged to talk about the subject and, spellbound, clarified that his daughter on the way will not be called Antonella. “That name sure is not“made it clear in a hand in LAM.

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