August 5, 2021

Satan Is Real – The Ballad Of The Louvin Brothers

Author: Charles Louvin
Edited by: Is pop

Considered one of the great biographies about a music group, Satan Is Real – The Ballad Of The Louvin Brothers it is finally published in Spanish, eight years after its original edition. A totally anecdotal data because it does not matter if this story is read a year after it was published, now, or 30 years from now. Its value remains intact.

To give a background The Louvin Brothers were a duo from Alabama, ranging from gospel to country music. Formed by the brothers Ira and Charles Louvin around 1940, it was not until the following decade when they began to gain notoriety, leading a career full of ups and downs that did not stop until its dissolution in 1963. Although its name does not enjoy a great popular importance, His influence reached the great names of American roots music, call it Elvis Presley or Johnny Cash, recognized fans of the couple.

The story of the brothers explained by Charles, who passed away in 2011 just when he had finished writing these memoirs -Ira did it in 1963-, is simply not wasted. Let’s put ourselves in Charlie’s shoes, turning in a ramshackle car all over America, charging miseries on many occasions, playing in unlikely places, and above all accompanied by a brother with a volatile character, to put it kindly, devoted body and soul. alcohol. With him each performance meant playing Russian roulette, as he could both break his mandolin in a fit of rage, insult the audience (or Elvis himself, with whom they shared the first major tour of the Tupelo icon), and leave everyone behind. the world open-mouthed thanks to his talent.

With such a time bomb at his side, it is easy to imagine that the anecdotes go one after the other, spiced up with the classic family confrontations with his parents, and all of them told with that sly air that comes from the southern United States. Without a doubt, Charlie’s vision and humor helped the book make that leap into cult reading.

And as a final bonus, to say that the iconic cover of the book belongs to his best known album. And yes, also behind that cover there is a story not to be believed. Wonderful.